Thoughts on my channels and stuff...

Hey! So it has been a while since I actually blogged. Much has happened to the internet in the last 5 years or so. Unfortunately blogging is history. The classic blogging that is. Twitter is all the haps these days.

With regards to my channel and what I do, I come back to simplicity, I want something that is easy for me to provide content and not high maintenance. There are benefits to having a blog...well it's nice to let my thoughts out, but really the entire model of the internet has shifted.

As of this post, I have presence in the following (the main website)

Mainly Twitter , Youtube , and G+ being the most I spend time on.

From a brand management perspective it becomes very difficult to keep track. I understand the value of multi channel branding, but SEO tactics and all that have a very high upkeep.

So here is what I'm thinking....a drastic change to how I deliver content. Make it on a need basis.

Twitter (the main website)

Facebook (not really as active)
Twitch (not really active)
Soundcloud (not active at all)

Removing all these outlets would really help me focus on making content and just on life in general. The and Google+ I'm still iffy about. Ultimately it would be nice to phase them out and not have to think about them. Though I have met wonderful friends on there, I think I'll reach out to those friends and see if they got a twitter or other ways to communicate (if I do end up removing G+).

In this new era of media, content is what drives traffic, good content that is. While this is not set in stone, I'm simply putting my thoughts on ...umm..paper.

It's funny since as I'm typing this, I had the notion that I want to delete the blog/website, and I'm actually enjoying the typing experience again. Being able to write as much as I want or about what I want is liberating. For example, Twitter has an expectation to be witty or useful in bite sizes. But blogging has its own beauty. I kind of miss it actually.

So if you haven't noticed I'm trying to decide and it's not an easy decision to make.

I guess I just wanted to put out some thoughts.


I'll let it marinate some more.

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