Chromebook vs Tablet? Mini blurb

So when it comes to my consumption and use of certain devices, I've been trying to decide between getting a tablet or a chromebook. The criteria I'm looking for is security, typing capability, and price.

When looking at a tablet like an ipad mini 3, I have the Zagg folio keybaord case, which is neat. I get to use the touch screen, play some games, hell even use iMovie for videos and type. However the major drawbacks are the limitations of the bookmarking and organization features. For example, on safari , to bookmark each page , you have to go through two clicks to favorite a page. The typing experience is also difficult, the bluetooth keyboard speed and response time is slow, there is a lag. Plus the keyboard size is small.

On the chromebook, which cost much less, the typing experience is much much better, I can finally type very fast, which is what I'm doing right now actually, my words per minute are lots. The limitation of the apps and the device is what concerns me. Saving pictures and documents also seems to be a problem. Since only 16 Gb storage, so it's identical to my ipad mini 3.

The question is, should I keep the chromebook as my main machine or the ipad mini 3?

I haven't yet decided as I have them both in front of me. The typing feels so smooth on this Acer Chromebook. It's too late to write a longer post with specifics. I still want to write the review for Batman V Superman I saw at prescreening today .

Actually...the keyboard on the chromebook, though full size and great, feels a bit too flat. But it is a silent keyboard when compared to my HP laptop.

So I just was typing on the Zaggkeys folio keyboard. It definitely feels crammed, but not as bad as I thought, I feel with the Acer CB3-131 you can type longer and not get carpal tunnel. Keyboard is still not raised so you might get that. So if that's the case, what's the best solution to typing in the bed? The chromebook is much more ideal than the ipad mini. The design is for that purpose. To work. And is writing work or play?
For me at least I feel it's both. having a place to rest my palms does make a big difference, and could justify the price tag of a full blown chromebook.

Alas it's late and I'm sleepy

I'll type ya later

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