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Why Transformers:Devastation Is an Insult to G1! (Game)

"Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn"

Yeah , I said it. It's an insult. Don't get your pants and panties in a bunch...hear me out....then bunch them to recycling!

Generation 1 started in 1984 right?
It's been 31 years since that show aired.  Thirty...One...Years!!!!!

And now? Now we get the first G1 game? Are you kidding me?

"oh it's the technology limitation"

Get outta here, technology limitation my tail pipe! Half Life 1 was technologically advanced. Halo was technologically advanced. GTA 3 was sufficient. Are you telling me, they couldn't make a game around Transformers G1 since then? Not even a flash game?

Seriously, this company has millions and not once, not once did they think of making a G1 game. You're going to say:
"but Bud, you'er wrong there was the commodore 64 version and the Japanese..."

I'll stop you right there, Japanese? It doesn't count. No offense to my Japanese readers, love you guys and girls. But it was not a global release. So it doesn't count. (Talking about Transformers Tatakai)

Am I the only one who thinks it's insulting that now they're like oooh G1 this and G1 that. How many times have I heard in reviews "I really like this, it's G1 reminiscent". They obviously know that G1 is what we want, but they've been so stingy. They wanted to squeeze the fan base until the opportune time to release their ace.

But you know what? They aren't even releasing an ace game!

Game looks like Trypticon took an energon dump. Yeah! It looks like a horrible game (game mechanics wise not aesthetics, duuh G1 always looks good). So much repetitive animations, and limited transformation. Game looks unplayable. It's just a hack and slash game. Probably one of the worst forms of gaming. Kids will be getting carpal tunnel and won't be able to transform the damn merchandise.

"What the hell do you want then? We made Bay movies, you said they were gross. We give you a G1 game and now you're complaining?"

You say this as if there wasn't a 30 year gap. Hell even your Bayformer games are horrible. The only good game that came out of it all was Fall of Cybertron and War for Cybertron.

No I'm not a G-whiner. I accepted Armada, Energon and all incarnations. I guess I accepted Bayformers after beating myself to a pulp. I love Transformers Prime and think it's just as good as G1, and even the new Robots in Disguise cartoons are great.

But you have to understand that after 31 years you come to fans and try to please them, it's pathetic. It's insulting because we rooted for you when you were pumping out monkeys and shitty yodelling snowcat characters. We were patient with you. If it wasn't for the fans and their kids keeping your drug cartel alive you'd be Thundercats by now. I don't speak for all fans, I only speak for myself and perhaps my close friends who I have discussed this with on many occasions. You waited too long. And now you're coming in with loud music, dancers, cheap catering, and trying to win us somehow.

One quote summarizes all of this, one powerful quote that I wish to say regarding this whole campaign.

"Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn"

Go watch the movie "Gone with the Wind" get the context then you will know what I'm talking about. (link to the quote below) or just read the first part of this wiki

Will the game be good? maybe, it's not out yet. But I know right off the bat, it could have been better. You could have licensed your franchise to a proper gaming company and not only made an epic universe, but one that rivals all other franchises. Alas, it's about the bottom line.

31 years for a decent G1 game...just let that sink in, let it sink right in.

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