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Why Transformers:Devastation Is an Insult to G1! (Game)

"Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn"

Yeah , I said it. It's an insult. Don't get your pants and panties in a bunch...hear me out....then bunch them to recycling!

Generation 1 started in 1984 right?
It's been 31 years since that show aired.  Thirty...One...Years!!!!!

And now? Now we get the first G1 game? Are you kidding me?

"oh it's the technology limitation"

Get outta here, technology limitation my tail pipe! Half Life 1 was technologically advanced. Halo was technologically advanced. GTA 3 was sufficient. Are you telling me, they couldn't make a game around Transformers G1 since then? Not even a flash game?

Seriously, this company has millions and not once, not once did they think of making a G1 game. You're going to say:
"but Bud, you'er wrong there was the commodore 64 version and the Japanese..."

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