Green Toy Collecting Index List

Transformers Figures Green Toy Index (GTI)

Combiner Wars Devastator: GTI = 20
Combiner Wars Powerglide: GTI = 12
CW Silverbolt: GTI = 17
CW Firefly: GTI = 16
CW Air Raid: GTI =17
CW Skydive: GTI = 16
CW Alpha Bravo: GTI = 16
Year of The Goat Soundwave: GTI =
CW Rook: GTI =
Movie Blackout: GTI =
Generations Nightbeat: GTI =
Generations Orion Pax: GTI =
Generations Swerve and Flanker: GTI =
Generations Skrapnel: GTI =
Takara Legends Megatron: GTI =
CW Thundercracker Legends: GTI =
Generations Windblade: GTI =
AOE Galvatron: GTI =
CW Bombshell: GTI =
AOE Lockdown: GTI=
Generations Nemesis Prime: GTI =
Generations Tankor: GTI =
Generations Acid Storm: GTI =
Generations Armada Starscream: GTI =
Generations Skywarp: GTI =
Generations Scoop: GTI =
Generations Mini-con Assualt Team: GTI =

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