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Green Toy Collecting Index List

Transformers Figures Green Toy Index (GTI)

Combiner Wars Devastator: GTI = 20
Combiner Wars Powerglide: GTI = 12
CW Silverbolt: GTI = 17
CW Firefly: GTI = 16
CW Air Raid: GTI =17
CW Skydive: GTI = 16
CW Alpha Bravo: GTI = 16
Year of The Goat Soundwave: GTI =
CW Rook: GTI =
Movie Blackout: GTI =
Generations Nightbeat: GTI =
Generations Orion Pax: GTI =
Generations Swerve and Flanker: GTI =
Generations Skrapnel: GTI =
Takara Legends Megatron: GTI =
CW Thundercracker Legends: GTI =
Generations Windblade: GTI =
AOE Galvatron: GTI =
CW Bombshell: GTI =
AOE Lockdown: GTI=
Generations Nemesis Prime: GTI =
Generations Tankor: GTI =
Generations Acid Storm: GTI =
Generations Armada Starscream: GTI =
Generations Skywarp: GTI =
Generations Scoop: GTI =
Generations Mini-con Assualt Team: GTI =

Why I Started Green Toy Collecting?

Hi, I am Bud Maloney. I think sustainability should be inherent in every aspect of our lives. Instead of teaching planned obsolescence in design courses we should be teaching sustainability. 

Upon learning about the great pacific garbage patch and watching Beth Terry's Plastic free TED video. I have been inspired to make changes in my life and try to help man made causes like this cease. 

As a toy collector, I paused and looked to see that toys have a huge amounts of plastic and packaging wastes. Then I noticed that the premise of collecting is to acquire more and more. With the insane boom in geek culture after Marvel and DC movies. The toy companies are starting to merchandise even more. Every single character has a toy now, and every single appearance of a character. All this means a significant increase in production and wasteful consumption. Naturally, collectors and kids exhibit a heavy consumer/addiction relationship with toy companies, they just get excited about each and ev…

Green Toy Collecting / Index...Explained!