Bravo! Bravo! Angry Birds Transformers, legitimizing gambling for kids!

"These days mobile gaming has become just another synonym for casino."
 I want you to watch the above video and listen to how he makes it sound like the coolest thing!

Is this for real?

Seriously, I have never seen an advertisement that took some thing as heinous as gambling for children and made it look so friendly and exciting.

These days mobile gaming has become just another synonym for casino.

If this was a game for adults, you might say that the slot machine aspect is acceptable, but not in a game targeted at children. You see them glued to their ipad screens, and this would just take the cake. They're using their hard earned gems and coins to do "a little bit of investment and a little bit of luck". Where is the harm in that?

"You can always spin again" he says....

Hey kids, just spin again. It's real fun! We're training you to accept this type of reward feedback cycle. Look it's kooky professor pig. yaaay.

I'm speaking out because this type of practice needs to change. It's becoming more and more prominent in the gaming industry where coins are flashed in front of you and you're expected to follow. The danger is that it's becoming normal and expected for mobile games to have this.

There needs to be a balance and equivalent trade. The game was already pushy before this. 

Complete and utter garbage.

We need to make our voice clear that we deserve better practices in gaming. Angry Birds Transformers isn't the only one to blame. We deserve better

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