Green Toy Collecting: Character Selection Decision

"For every action , there is an equal and opposite reaction....and I am the reaction"                                                                                                                                                                   Nemesis Prime

I think the quote above is something that Nemesis Prime would say to Optimus. 

As part of my initiative to go Green and erase the fat from my collection. I have made the ultimate decision. I have chosen one single Transformers figure to collect. It was a very tough choice.

The character is: Nemesis Prime

The figure is this one awesome Decepticon: 
Transformers Generations Legends Nemesis Prime and Spinister

This will hopefully be my first figure in the "2 figure rule". Where I only collect 2 figures. (I'm counting Nemesis and Spinister as one). The next figure would probably be an Mp10b Black Convoy, but that will take a really long time to get, as it is simply too expensive at the a moment. 

I'd love to make a post about why I chose this character. Much thought went into this, I might do a video or a post, but for now decision is made. Can't wait for the figure to arrive.

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