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Animation aside, this movie is so depressing you need to see a team of psychologists on a regular basis just to get you to seem normal. Pixar always excels in animation, not going to argue there. But the story hits you right from the beginning with a sad tone. After that scene, and you guys know which one I'm talking about, after that the movie fails to redeem anything it messed up. It tries with cheap slapstick comedy but fails miserably . Pixar can be such jerks, trying to relay their depression onto people, in what's supposed to be a "fun filled adventure". I think this is Disney's worst movie. I'm not complaining about mortality or whatever, but I went in to this movie hoping to laugh, to enjoy Disney's magic. When it came to deciding to watch this film, I explained to my friends "it's Pixar guys, they never disappoint,it's gonna be funny". I've never hated a movie more. It's a smear on the Pixar public washroom wall. It's a team of animators that want to tell you about their problems, instead of solving them. What an awful movie. Be prepared to have some cocaine instead of popcorn to make you forget this piece of fecal matter. Actually you need some intravenous therapy of highly concentrated cocaine mixed with ecstasy to hold you from cutting yourself. Not funny and super depressing. You have been warned. They should have called it "Up yours". Describing how the makers didn't care about the audience.

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