Thoughts on "Transformers: The Great Autobot/ Decepticon War"

I'd like to point out a problem that perhaps only the fans can feel that unfortunately doesn't have a solution. It is intrinsic to time and progress itself. The eternal Autobot / Deception war will never end will it? We as fans will never have closure. Long time closure that is. It is kind of sad that there will not be true peace between them. This of course is the law that is put forth by being toys. For every good team, there has to be a bad team. And that is why it sometimes bothers me. These characters and us along with them, by virtue of the fiction will remain at war. Even if temporarily the war is over in one series, for it to start in another. War is the defining trait of the franchise. And not just regular war, civil war....the worst kind. We as the fans are stuck in between. We see both sides, but can never offer a solution or directly intervene. This is of course the nature of all fiction. But Transformers has a twist. We see the characters dying because their toys are out of production. Does Habsro really know the damage it did by killing off the 80's line in the movie. Or we get inclusions of a random plot device to make a character change his design so they can sell a new toy.

The Autobot/Decepticon war spanned 4 million years. In whatever mythos you choose it has been going on for a long time. Beast Wars was perhaps the only series where we got to see closure of the A/D war. We have a new one between Maximals and the Predacons, but nonetheless it was nice to know that the war was over.

The Heroic Autobots.......
The Evil Decepticons.....

Simple words describing 4 million years. 

And Cybertron suffers. This war is perpetual. But who is truly the one that is correct? Which side is the right side? Surely the side that tells you they are the "good" guys aren't good because they too have participated in their fair share of death and destruction. There is no "good" in war. Whoever tells you they're the good guys in war are probably lying. The Decepticons don't even bring morals into it. They're motivated by resources and "peace through tyranny". At least they're honest. Decepticons don't follow a decadent lineage of Primes. As most of you know, I am a Decepticon. I have made the argument in a post before my blog was relaunched that Decepticons aren't the bad guys. It's just propaganda. I will find my old blog posts and perhaps repost them. Anyways I digress. My point wasn't that Decepticons are the "good" guys. Decepticons aren't as apologetic. It's war, they know the stakes, and they're very efficient at it.

What bothers me is the endlessness of it all. The only time was in the IDW ongoing comic series More Than Meets The Eye, where in the issue that we first meet the Decepticon Justice Division (#7 Rules of Disengagement). We see a team of scavenger Decepticons discuss the end of the war. Finally we see the other side of the biased Autobot storytelling. We get to see the Decepticons' feelings. They aren't just bots who chose the wrong side. They chose it because it mattered to them. They die for the cause because Megatron represented something against the corrupt Autobot regime. Sure they may be violent, but who isn't in war?

Back to Cybertron, the true victim in all of this. Both Autobots and Decepticons love Cybertron. It's their home. They speak of it, sing about it, and fight for it. As fans, we see this war and it somehow takes a piece out of us. We feel the despair, the burden on both sides. Perhaps what I want to conclude with is that, will we one day see a war end and witness Cybertron's Golden age again? Have it permanently stay that way. Not just alluded to. Will we ever get to live it, for an entire series?

....nah I think most of you just want to see these guys fight.

Decepticons FOREVER!!!

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