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Green Collecting : Decision and G+ Community

This is a follow up post to my thoughts on collecting Transformers and other toys.

I stressed that we need to start a green culture with regards to collecting toys. There is simply too much plastic on Earth. I see too many repeat pictures of people's collections having the same figures. The problem as I explained is in the environmental damage plastic has. I alluded to the great garbage patches. Which are massive collections of plastic in the Pacific. Please read this to know more about them 

So you read the info on garbage patches? no?

What are you waiting for! READ IT. I'll wait...

Ok so you're not a reader, then watch these two videos embedded below for your convenience

Google: Great Pacific garbage patch. See for yourself.

You're convinced right?

Thankfully, you're a decent human being.

But you're a Transformers/ Toy Collector.

You love plastic. You love toys. They're in your room right now. Displayed with awesome poses and menacing factions vs. heroic ones. You'd probably open the Matrix of leadership if anyone tried to harm your wonderful collection.

Well no one is going to harm it, don't worry. But you may be harming others. Not just countless marine life, birds, etc.. You're harming your friends and family. You're harming yourself. Yes you! Stop hurting yourself.
Indirectly of course. You keep buying more and more and more. It doesn't end. Sure maybe the new figures have tiny non plastic threads keeping your figure inside your pristine clam shell. But you're supporting something that is detrimental. You're creating demand for a market that can't wait to produce more. Who cares right?" The factories are in China. Let those Chinese kids deal with it. They seem to be happy in those pictures when looking for valuables. I'm American, I'm Japanese, I'm Russian, I'm Jamaican, I'm Kenyan, I'm Sauidi Arabian, I'm German, I'm doesn't affect me. "

NEWS FLASH, have you seen the images! Have you read the articles and evidences. The patch is massive! It is global, it affects every single one of you. If not you now, then you tomorrow. Or your kids. Have you seen the unbelievable increase in products everywhere.

You get my point don't you. And for the record I think I like you for getting that point. You care about all of this. You're an intelligent being. Cause and effect. Makes sense right? I'm glad it does make sense.

"Why Bud are you being all preachy and tree hugging all of a sudden?"
 First, I haven't even talked about trees, that is an entire different battle. Second, I'm not being preachy. I'm not better than you or anyone. I'm guilty of consuming lots of plastic. I collected Transformers and many other lovely figures and figurines. I'm a collector. I love the hobby.
I'm trying to find a way to increase awareness and make this collecting culture change. There is a point in the future where we can be collectors and still have the same enjoyment we have today without destroying everything in the process. We can work together. PLEASE let's work together. If you're Mexican, Red Head , or Asian, I want to work with you all. These environmental disasters are becoming very serious exponentially. If anything we should all be preachy about it.

Enough mumbo jumbo then. Let's get to the guts of it all.

I don't know the answer yet. Nor do I have all the solutions.

As much as it pains me, I'm trying to reduce my collection down to one figure. I had sold a lot of my collection and gave away ( see previous post). I still have some stuff back in storage at my old place which is in a completely different country. It will be a long time to get back to them. But whatever collection I have in front of me on the go, I have sold. I intend to only buy 1 or 2 figures and that's it! If I want a new one, I would sell it, or trade it. I should stop it 100% but as I said, I like this hobby and don't want it to be abrupt on you all. I want to phase it out. Going down to 1 figure is a big change. Collectors know what I'm talking about. Help me and help yourselves bring this level down. Propose solutions, talk about it. Spread the word. Be proud that your collection is small , but you put a lot of effort in selecting it. You keep it small to help Earth. Maybe one day you will sell it all. Or recycle it all. But for now, we want to minimize it. Minimize this insane explosion of figure collecting and mass plastic consumption. Set targets for yourselves, set limits. A budget. For me, I'm thinking of only having a Masterpiece Transformer figure or perhaps a legends/deluxe and my tiny MacroBud Lego minifig. Tell me what you would like to do with your collection?

This is ongoing folks. This patch and many other landfills and dumps everywhere, need to be challenged constantly.

I am asking you to make a stand. Not against Megatron or Dr. Octopus. Make a stand against excess plastic in your life. Aspire to be better humans, Cybertronians, inhumans, mutants....whoever you are.

Step by step, we can help spread the awareness. Who knows maybe Hasbro might be willing to join us and lead Green Collecting.

Maybe one day we can call it, Plastic Free Collecting.

What do you say folks?

Come on! It matters. Optimus would do this. Even Megatron would do this. Arcee would do this. All of us are here for Earth as it is for us.

Post, comment, talk about this issue. If I'm wrong let me know. I'm here to learn and try to stop this and many other environmental concerns.

Please spread the word, everyone is welcome.

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