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A Dialogue Between Two Transformers

So here was a post on the Transformers Google + community about Decepticons. If you follow the thread they were talking in general about it. I started an argument with awesome user +Bumblebee Autobot . And even though it was short bits, I ended up putting a really long dialogue script. I really liked it because it highlighted many of the points I take issue with. The continuity I was referring to was the Transformers in the Bay movies.It sort of makes sense for other continuities also.
For the record, I may have taken it a bit too far by writing a long post, but it's all in good fun :) and Bumblebee Autobot was a good sport about it.

Here is the dialogue I presented with a little bit of the background I was saying, Enjoy.
(post below is modified for spelling and other clarifications"

"As Decepticons we all care for life forms. But push anyone to the brink of extinction and the lines about caring get really blurred. It is just survival. A law of nature found on Earth also. Humans will slaughter the cows. They will cut down trees. Because they need to survive.  Humans killed each other over and over again. It is sad, war is sad and ugly. Human leaders that claim to fight for freedom are using tools of war to spread said freedom. It is a great cause to fight for life forms. You think Megatron is stupid? or he doesn't know that. He knows that all too well, that's why he is trying to end this war to get to the real progress.

It's like two people wanting to build a house on a lot.
There is guy #1, then guy #2,

#1 says, "ok I need you to promise me, you won't mess this up ok? you won't build the house by killing anyone."

#2 says"yes yes, I got it, can we please start . My wife is waiting for me".

He brings the first block and he just puts it on the soil.

#1 interrupts saying" stop! you're gonna kill people by doing this".

#2 says " I just started, I didn't even finish, no one is dead yet. You are accusing me of something I didn't do".

proceeds to put a second block and #1 takes that block and throws it in a populated area. The lot has people and insects etc.

#2 says " Damn it #1 why did you throw it there? It's populated"

#1 says " you're dangerous, you are not to be trusted with this block. you want to kill everyone, you don't care about life."

#2 says " that's crazy #1, I'm trying to build, of course I care. I told you I have a wife and kids. If you let me just build instead of accusing me".

#2 now goes to the second lot that has his block and there is grass he has to step on to get it unfortunately.

#1 jumps and throwing punches like a delusional person saying "you are a monster, you want to kill these people, hey people, this guy is a harbinger of death , he wants your moneys, he wants your women, he called your momma fat, come help me fight him"

#2 "dude! what's wrong with you? don't make me get violent and defend myself. I have anger issues, and you know that "

#1 "you're yesterday's model, one shall stand one shall fall"

#2 "what are you on? would you leave me alone! Let me just do my job"

#1 "freedom is the right of all sentient beings"

#2 "yes yes WE KNOW THAT, we're trying to live and just get to work and feed our families"

#1 "the sky is blue. Water flows, wind blows"

#2 " would you stop saying random truths and help us"

#1 "I would never help you, you're scum, you want to destroy everything, you're the harbinger of death"

#2 "I swear you're stupid Prime! You take the lifeline of all our race and throw it into space. Let us all die. You point your finger at us and say we don't care about freedom. Putting yourself above others. As if you're appointed to make this ruling. You righteous zealot. You're a fanatic. You're so obsessed with this whole freedom thing. You don't want to compromise breaking an egg to make an omelet. You have to break a few eggs. It's life!  I didn't put this rule. The Universe did. Some poor tree or soil has to be removed to build a house now. I care for the tree, don't get me wrong, but I have families on Cybertron that need to live. Sure I will remove this tree. But I will plant it somewhere else. I will get my top scientist Shockwave to figure it out, he always does. But you, you're crazy man. You're like those paranoid people that want to end world hunger without any effort. Well Prime, I will show you. I will teach you a lesson. I'm going to fight you and your righteous ideology. You're not better than anyone. You always get human children involved in our war. We have a war dumbass! and you're bringing children in the cross fire. NEWS FLASH, they are going to get shot. Someone is going to use this weakness as an advantage. Could be me but probably by some lesser intelligent soldiers of mine in my army. They're less intelligent because they don't have a power source at their home planet so they don't have schools to learn to be good people. They're so lost by their hunger, they don't care. A power source you stole and threw away. Have you ever been truly hungry Prime? Oh yeah I forgot, you're royalty. You're the (let them eat cake type). That's what you sound like all the time.

What did you expect Prime? You come onto Earth, making accusations that we are the bad guys. As if things were so simple being good and bad. We only asked for the boy. Even their own governments agreed to this. Their own people are ok with handing over the boy when it came to survival. But no, you have to make a grand spectacle of things. You're going to paint your body with one of their country's flag. Try to win them over. You're going to yell and rush a child to look for his glasses. A child PRIME! You want to put the fate of a 4 million year war on a child! Do you realize the trauma this could cause him? No you don't care. you never cared. Just because Primus said you are leader doesn't make you one. Leaders are molded. They're chosen by the people. They make tough decisions. Yes we may have to destroy Earth's sun now because your stupid actions lost us the friggin Allspark! We may have to bring our own planet in the atmosphere, because once again your stupid actions lost us the friggin Allspark!

Your stupidity pisses me off so much I just want to ...I just want to....I want to crush you with my bare hands!!!  I want to rip out your optics. How could any one be this naive! This is madness AAARRRGGHGHH"

#3 " It's ok megs buddy, relax, he's not worth it man."

#2 " NO STARSCREAM, he has to see this. He has to be accountable for what he's done....he ruined everything. Millions killed because of him. The entire planet was torn apart. He could have talked to us. He could have worked something out. He didn't have to send the allspark away. I flew light years after it. I put my life on the line. What did he do? He just sent it off to space. Saying it's too powerful of an object. People don't do that, we talk it out, we work things out. His attitude was, if I can't have it, no one can.
Things don't just get solved by throwing nice quotes around. He is deceiving them. He is deceiving himself!"

#3 "You're right. He brought this upon himself and upon us. Show him you're angry, prove him wrong. He won't understand. I will join your cause.  I will rally all my seekers with you. We may be labelled as bad guys. We may be called Evil. But we will do what we have to , even if that means we have to break a few eggs to save the entire universe"

#1 "Megatron! This ends here. I have tricked Earth's armies to stop you."

#2 " I will never stop Prime. If the universe has to burn just to show you how stupid you are, so be it. I will wait an eternity. Millions will be lost to prove a point. But I will do it. I will make war define us. I will mold my body into a weapon to stop you. One day you will realize, you were wrong."



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