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Green Collecting : Decision and G+ Community

This is a follow up post to my thoughts on collecting Transformers and other toys.

I stressed that we need to start a green culture with regards to collecting toys. There is simply too much plastic on Earth. I see too many repeat pictures of people's collections having the same figures. The problem as I explained is in the environmental damage plastic has. I alluded to the great garbage patches. Which are massive collections of plastic in the Pacific. Please read this to know more about them 

So you read the info on garbage patches? no?

What are you waiting for! READ IT. I'll wait...

Ok so you're not a reader, then watch these two videos embedded below for your convenience

Google: Great Pacific garbage patch. See for yourself.

You're convinced right?

Thankfully, you're a decent human being.

TIE Fighter - short film (WATCH IT, SRSLY)

If you haven't seen this, stop what you are doing and watch it. Trust me, it is AMAZING!

Star Wars Rebels? Ha!

This is how Star Wars should have been treated. The creator may receive a hail of lawsuits and copyright infringement, but this type of quality should be rewarded, not ridiculed.

Thank you for making something that we have all been wanting to see. 

A Dialogue Between Two Transformers

So here was a post on the Transformers Google + community about Decepticons. If you follow the thread they were talking in general about it. I started an argument with awesome user +Bumblebee Autobot . And even though it was short bits, I ended up putting a really long dialogue script. I really liked it because it highlighted many of the points I take issue with. The continuity I was referring to was the Transformers in the Bay movies.It sort of makes sense for other continuities also.
For the record, I may have taken it a bit too far by writing a long post, but it's all in good fun :) and Bumblebee Autobot was a good sport about it.

Here is the dialogue I presented with a little bit of the background I was saying, Enjoy.
(post below is modified for spelling and other clarifications"

Thoughts About Collecting Transformers And Other Plastic Toys

"What I'm thinking about is an upgrade to this collecting culture. A more sustainable approach to collecting."

Collecting anything is awesome. It allows you to preserve the past in the present. You get to meet wonderful people who are passionate about what you are passionate about. For me, I'm really interested in collecting figures (aka toys). Mostly of Marvel, DC, Star Wars, Transformers, Pokemon, etc..

The stuff I bought more recently, like Transformers Armada Unicron, Generations hotspot, and Generations Fall of Cybertron, I sold or gave away also. I remember I put up an ad on classifieds, I wanted to sell this Minecraft Creeper cardboard mask. I wanted it for making youtube videos, but it didn't fit me. I met this lady outside Starbucks, and when she offered the 10 Euros I was asking for it, I told her, is this for you or for your kids. She said " yes and that they love Minecraft." I asked, "do they by chance like Lego, and other toys? " …

Why Megatron Needs To Be A Gun!

There are few things in media that instill actual fear in people. As often as G1 is recalled for being "great", today I'm making yet another positive point towards it. Let's face it, Megatron is a wimp in G1. Always was and sadly always will be. Yelling "Decepticons retreat" at the end of each episode. Whimpering at the loss of his wacky doomsday weapons. But there was always this real feeling about him that well, scared us. It would allow him to surpass his wimpyness and visually represent death. Today's tool of death that is. This visual cue would provide the perfect balance and the necessary justification for treating the Decepticons as a threat. It was his gun mode. He turned into the weapon that makes whoever wields it.... a panic inducing murderer. It symbolized pointing and ending someone's life. Such powerful imagery. Rather than be a jet or a car or a truck, Megatron saw beyond that and didn't care, because he was all about power. All …

Up review

Animation aside, this movie is so depressing you need to see a team of psychologists on a regular basis just to get you to seem normal. Pixar always excels in animation, not going to argue there. But the story hits you right from the beginning with a sad tone. After that scene, and you guys know which one I'm talking about, after that the movie fails to redeem anything it messed up. It tries with cheap slapstick comedy but fails miserably . Pixar can be such jerks, trying to relay their depression onto people, in what's supposed to be a "fun filled adventure". I think this is Disney's worst movie. I'm not complaining about mortality or whatever, but I went in to this movie hoping to laugh, to enjoy Disney's magic. When it came to deciding to watch this film, I explained to my friends "it's Pixar guys, they never disappoint,it's gonna be funny". I've never hated a movie more. It's a smear on the Pixar public washroom wall. It'…

Thoughts on "Transformers: The Great Autobot/ Decepticon War"

I'd like to point out a problem that perhaps only the fans can feel that unfortunately doesn't have a solution. It is intrinsic to time and progress itself. The eternal Autobot / Deception war will never end will it? We as fans will never have closure. Long time closure that is. It is kind of sad that there will not be true peace between them. This of course is the law that is put forth by being toys. For every good team, there has to be a bad team. And that is why it sometimes bothers me. These characters and us along with them, by virtue of the fiction will remain at war. Even if temporarily the war is over in one series, for it to start in another. War is the defining trait of the franchise. And not just regular war, civil war....the worst kind. We as the fans are stuck in between. We see both sides, but can never offer a solution or directly intervene. This is of course the nature of all fiction. But Transformers has a twist. We see the characters dying because their toys…

How To Perfectly Install A Screen Protector Without Any Bubbles! (The Go...


Blog: mini thoughts

A lot has been happening. So much in fact that I haven't been able to sit down and write a single post or review. I've been microblogging via Twitter and G+. I'll continue to do that regularly (more so Twitter now, cause who knows what G+ will turn into). But I'm gonna try and get some more writing done. Either reviews, thoughts, or stories.

Here are some open posts/projects that I want to tackle in the short term:
- Review: Borderlands The Presequel
- Review: Transformers Battle Tactics Mobile Game
- Review: Interstellar
- Thoughts on Transformers in general
- Avengers related content. How I think it will go down
- State of gaming
- Story .....DFTD
- Minecraft village progress /lets play

There are more of course, and one day I may tackle them or not. I tend to need a muse to write about something.

I managed to give a USB to a friend with some videos that I wanted to upload. He went to the US, so he will hopefully upload them. I've been and still am on the go, so I…