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Bud Reviews: Spider-Man Unlimited (Android/iOS 8, Samsung Galaxy S4/iPhone 5c)

If you've been living under a rock for the past couple of years, then you'd be missing out on the latest fad in mobile gaming...."distance/runner games". Yup, "runners" are sweeping the nation folks. Seems like there are runners of everything. Subways, temples, minions, and now Spider-man decided to grab a piece of the cake. Gameloft released Spider-Man Unlimited to mobile platforms in September 2014. The gameplay is similar to Gameloft's previous hit game "Minion Rush". The premise is simple, players run in one of three lanes and have to avoid obstacles by either jumping, sliding, or moving to another lane. On the way you collect in-game currency and punch baddies that increase your combo score. In Spider-man's case, it's vials and Goblin soldiers. In terms of story, it alludes to Marvel's comic book arc "Edge of Spider-verse" where multiple Spider-mens/womens from different dimensions team up to stop the multiple villa…