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Bud Reviews: Angry Birds Transformers (iOS, iPad Mini)

So it's a simple concept. Take two franchises and mash them together. get Angry Birds Transformers. The newest game from Rovio involving their emotionally rampant avian variety vs. the swines mixed with our robotic friends on Cybertron.

This isn't your usual Angry Birds (AB for short) game, it's a rail shooter mixed with a runner. They introduced the title with an awesome trailer akin to the Transformers 80s animated cartoon with the music composed by non other than Transformers legend Vince DiCola. That man is a genius at synth. I highly recommend you see it regardless of the review, it's so much nostalgia. Anyways, the game's premise is that the Eggspark converted the eggs into evil monsters that want to cyberform the universe of angry birds. As with the Transformers, you have Autobirds (ala Autobots) and Deceptihogs (Decepticons), two factions that have united to stop the egg menace. Seriously watch the trailer, it's all there.