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Bud Reviews: Guardians Of The Galaxy (Film)

How long have we been waiting for a good scifi movie that is similar to Firefly? How long have we been waiting for a good Star Wars movie? A long time. Well Guardians of the Galaxy satisfies that craving. Where those other franchises abandoned you, Marvel decided jump in and pull you out of the water.

I always heard of the Guardians of the Galaxy and seen comic book covers, but never really dug deep.Until an episode of the cartoon "Ultimate Spider-man" featured them, I became interested. So when the trailer came out for this film, I knew who they were and could name them. I didn't read any of the comics, but clearly I've been reading the wrong comics, GOTG is high on my list after this film.

Set in the Avenger's universe, the GOTG movie follows a team of unlikely heroes defending the universe. That's basically it. The setting follows the main protagonist Peter Quill aka Starlord recovering some precious orb. Some people want the orb, some people want Quill, and now the stage is set for one of the most exciting adventure of 2014. Every scene in this film is well crafted and beautiful. The vistas in deep space alone warrant seeing this film. The action sequences are well thought out and not tiring, they have proper breaks and build ups. I say "tiring" because I'm reviewing this film after reviewing the horror that was Transformers 4 . GOTG shows you how sci fi action is done without exhausting your audience. It had moments that made the audience "ooh and aaah", it had moments where it made the audience feel for the main character. Most importantly, GOTG focused on the characters and made you care for them. Even if they're colored differently or from a completely different class of species, this movie delivered that. The film was very witty and at times made the audience burst with laughter using clever comedic insertion. You will grow to love at least one of the Guardians if not all. They're not the Avengers, yet they are just as cool...maybe even cooler. You get to see the Marvel mythos away from Earth, and it is a fantastic mythos. As with any film there are flaws. For audiences that aren't familiar with the Marvel lore it was hard to keep up. Despite the flaws, the movie uses carefully selected music to bring the audience with them on this huge adventure. This is what summer blockbusters should be like. It had a hint of Mass Effect, Firefly, Star Wars and all the classics.

Guardians Of The Galaxy gets a B on the B.U.D scale:
If you want an "out of this world" scifi adventure that keeps you on the edge of your seat while making sure you laugh, feel angry, cry and laugh again....then Guardians of the Galaxy is the Movie to see. It was an incredible film that executed story, character development, visual effects, and theater like a revered artist executes his masterpiece painting. A must see. 

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