Thoughts on Transformers 4: Age of Extinction

Ok folks. So the rules have indeed changed. As some of you may recall, I wasn't pleased at all with Michael Bay's treatment of Transformers 1,2 , and 3. In a nutshell, he didn't focus on the Transformers, treated them like second class citizens and even drastically changed their characters. Look no further than Murderous Prime. Also he killed off all the favorite key Decepticon characters right when they started being cool in one single movie. I mean, Soundwave, Laserbeak, Shockwave, Starscream....need I continue? He had access to the coolest and most badass gestalt Devastator and he gave him balls then killed him. That's why I didn't like the previous trilogy. Like many I did care about the colors of each Transformer deviating from their original ala Iron Hide no longer red, flames and mouth on Prime. Those are minor. Iron Hide's death for example was completely ignored, hell they didn't even care. Neither did Optimus.

I saw a meme, that had a picture of the Dinobots and the caption was : "Dinobots, consider your problem solved"
That's what I feel TF4 will be. SOS Dinobots. Their inclusion will change everything. They brought the spice back in G1 and they will do so again in the next Trilogy. Somehow that mix of characters and Grimlock especially makes it work.
The success brought on by the Bayformers undoubtedly breathed life into Transformers before it was all lost. Granted it was a somewhat stinky breath (considered by many), but it breathed life nonetheless.Bay could've made it way easier for us to like it.
I'm delighted with the entire redesigns. Prime's new knight look is perfect for his character. Righteous, powerful. The designs from the previous trilogy was plain ugly, the new TF4 is more streamline, has more energy and is easier to identify. Especially the head sculpt.
TF 4 is the next stage in an ugly metamorphasis. I predict TF4 will be a butterfly. The first 3 movies by Bay made severe mistakes, but if anything TF 4 seems to have learned from them all. Just as Hasbro learned that killing off Optimus Prime back in the 80's was a big no no, they too learned that "hey, maybe the fans are correct about some things".
"Maybe we should stop pissing on their favorite characters and start to embrace them. Start to truly bring the characters to life" This is apparent in one character in the trailer, Grimlock. You can see Grimlock, he's not blurry. You can't miss him. The duality between Prime and Grimlock gave us more screen time for Transformers. It invokes a dynamic response with the audience. Before it was just portrait pictures of Optimus and Megatron gazing across the distance (in the case of posters, see pictures below for comparison). Now its Prime doing something. He's riding a dino, and that dino is perhaps one of the coolest  in Transformers. Everyone, and I mean everyone as a child loved Grimlock. He was badass. His inclusion in the Fall for Cybertron game was genius.

I'm very excited for Age of Extinction. I'm glad the previous ugly Optimus is no longer there. Grimlock, Lockdown, and Galvatron all look cool. I think the superb acting skills of Kelsey Grammar will assist in this film. If the movie turns out to be bad, I'll be extremely disappointed, so wait for the review when it comes out.

Here are the posters I was talking about

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