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Bud Reviews: Retry, by Rovio Lvl 11 (iPhone 4S, iOS 7)

From the makers of Angry Birds comes a new title called "Retry" published under Rovio Lvl 11. Rovio Lvl 11 is a new publishing brand for the larger Rovio. Lvl 11 would be free from the shackles of the Angry Birds franchise, and can publish more experimental titles. The game is currently available only in Finland, Poland, and Canada, with the expectation of worldwide release soon.

The era of Flappy Bird is far from over. Retry tackles the challenging game type like Flappy Bird, where you fail and fail and fail again. The goal is simple, get to the final checkpoint and collect coins on the way. The emphasis is on the Retrying. On the way, there are smaller checkpoints that can be activated if you land on them, that's where you spend your coins. A better title for the game would have been crash, because that's what you'll end up doing....a lot. You fly this tiny propeller plane in a beautiful 2D retro style environment with an energetic track playing in the background. Naturally, as with most of these flappy bird type games, they can't actually fly properly. In Retry, your plane handles like a blind chicken on ecstasy that can only take left turns. It can only fly forward and you make the plane loop backwards depending on your engine power. To elevate your plane, you have to keep looping till the plane gets higher, or you stop giving power at certain points of the loop and the plane continues in whatever direction.

It's really difficult to maneuver the plane in tight spaces...or rather in any space. That's where the game shines, it's frustrating yet exhilarating. You will spend a long time trying to understand how to get this plane to take off properly. But when you do get the hang of things, the game's flow allows you to excel in areas then hits you with a brand new challenge. A challenge that you have to solve in a new way. "Perhaps this time, I will have to spin the plane twice then let it drop so I can fit." It creates a unique connection with the game that evolves with every checkpoint. It gets harder in the right places. Just when you think you mastered the game, it adds wind and alternate routes to your path for example. You get an adrenaline rush from an iPhone game.  Which is a good thing.

The key problem is crashing. Many people will rage quit and potentially throw their iPhones out the window. The overly sensitive hit box of the plane makes way for a flood of mistakes. However, what's nice about the game is that it's blunt. The title is RETRY. You should be knowing what you're getting into. The design team made this process easy since the time from crashing to retrying is very fast and not wasted at all. Flappy bird for example throws an advertisement in your face after your fall, disrupting the retry cycle. Kudos to Rovio for having that cycle uninterrupted. Another mechanic is having ghost planes appear where you last crashed, it's not very helpful except to show you how horrible you're doing.

The game's design is great, from the user-interface to the colorful environments. You will see dinosaur bones and even Sasquatches popping up behind trees. It's a familiar gaming setting that we all love since the days of Mario, with clouds, water and pretty background vistas.The controls are responsive and work well with the drunk airplane piloting. I did have some framerate issues and this random colorful line appearing every now and then. Maybe it's something they'll look after when they release globally. The music gets repetitive quickly and I had hoped they add more tracks (Edit: Finally beat some worlds and music becomes excellent with new tracks, still repetitive but great stuff). As with Angry Birds, once you complete a level, the game gives you a 3 star rating, to further add to the already high replay value. Retry doesn't have any ads, which is a great thing, but it does have micro-transactions. The coins that you collect and use towards activating a checkpoint can be difficult to get, so you can pay real money to get bundles of coins. It's an OK balance since you can get coins everywhere in the game but you have to work for them. I guess it's standard now in mobile games. Seeing that the game is free, I don't mind this fairly non obtrusive micro-transaction ,as long as they keep it this way and not go crazy like many others games have.

Retry for iOS 7 gets a B on the B.U.D scale:
Retry is a wonderful addition to the challenging game genre, it capitalizes on the addicting theme of Flappy Bird yet does it with a unique spin with no shame. Retry excels at offering challenging gameplay and pacing. Its fun retro style will keep you coming back for more. Be warned, you have to be patient, it's an extremely difficult game and not for the easily frustrated. As Flappy Bird taught us, don't get addicted and instead just play it casually and enjoy. It's free (another positive), so you can't technically buy it, but definitely download it and play this ace of a game on the go when it hits global App/Play stores. 

The B.U.D scale:
B= Buy
U= Useless (Not recommended)
D= Do not buy

 What seems like a normal plane flying.....

 They weren't kidding about that title.

Is that diamond ore?

" Ze plane!Ze plane!"

 " Do a barrel roll"

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