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Bud Reviews: Titanfall (PC)

The classic hype vs. reality, does the game live up to the hype? Is it worth it? Find out ...right now.

A simple formula: Call of Duty + giant robots + generic sci-fi = Titanfall.

It's a first person shooter with two different gameplays, human and Titan. It has a semi-single player campaign and multiplayer. It costs a full blown 52.99 Euros, which is about 70 USD. I was going into this expecting a new experience, and Titanfall did deliver that. The game's prakour style of running, jumping and gunning really keeps this fast paced.The game's audio with regards to weapon sounds, foot work, etc really brought the environment to life. I really liked the tutorial where it forces you to use all your tools. The Titan mechs are large, ominous and down right awesome. When playing in a titan, you feel unstoppable. The dash ability was very fun to use. Titanfall excels in customizations and weapon unlock. The weapons are refreshing. Especially the smart pistol, I love that thing.

But where it pushed the envelope in gameplay and balance, Titanfall felt incomplete. The campaign is an incoherent mess where you don't know what the hell is going on . The voiceover throughout the campaign cannot be muted and is extremely annoying. I wanted to yell "leave me alone" at the South African guy who sounds like the bad mercenary from District 9. The campaign simply sucked. Most people have argued that you shouldn't expect the campaign to shine, it just introduced you to the game. Which is fair, but even then the multiplayer wasn't sufficient. Your titans are always under attack. It feels like someone gave a 13 year old a gun and dropped him in a war zone. Everything was running all around me, planes, robots, tanks. I was just following the crowd. It didn't feel like the game wanted me there. They keep referring to us as pilots, but the AI of the Titan can function on its own. Then why am I there? Why are we fighting each other?

When you look at the screenshots and read the other reviews, you get the impression that this game will blow your mind. It didn't. It had new innovations sure, I give it that. However, it lacked cohesion. The maps are small for giant robots. You can't do much with the Titan except shoot, dodge and shoot some more. It was repetitive. It was ...dare I say it...Call of Duty all over again. I've said this about Halo 4 and I'll say it about Titanfall...we've done this already!

The bottom line is that the game restricts you...alot. It feels like an exam. You have to kill more people if you want to earn your Titan. When the titan comes, you're not doing so much different than the human. They narrowed down the feel, but they didn't realize that perhaps we have shooter exhaustion.When playing this game I felt I was running through a maze. The action was nice and all, but it was fake action. I feel that a game that has to introduce AI robots to fight against you and trick you in thinking that your good, has to be compensating. It's trying too hard to win you over. The irony is, if they toned it down a bit, and allowed us to enjoy the Titan before it got blown to bits, I might have enjoyed it.

Now I'm sure this is a huge hit because so much is riding on the "next gen" gaming. I'm also sure that the majority of the people love this game. I simply didn't enjoy it. It wasn't "fun", it was stressful and unpolished. In an era where we get things on demand, paying full price for a game to have me waiting to play the robot that I paid to play is not fun. Asking people to be patient is not always a good thing.

I commend EA's efforts. They are doing great things like Garden Warfare.They just rushed out Titanfall before Activision releases its COD clone. Maybe the sequel might be better. As things stands modern military shooters are reaching a plateau. Recycling is good for the environment but not for video games. You could put robots riding other robot dinosaurs and it would feel the same.

It was never about adding more things to a was always the formula that needed to be changed.

Titanfall for PC gets a D on the B.U.D scale:
Game is incomplete and not worth the full price tag. Doesn't live up to the hype. A mesh of gray shooting at larger gray objects with no purpose. Call of Duty syndrome all over again except with giant robots (which are plenty available these days). 

The B.U.D scale:
B= Buy
U= Useless (Not recommended)
D= Do not buy

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