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Bud Reviews: Titanfall (PC)

The classic hype vs. reality, does the game live up to the hype? Is it worth it? Find out ...right now.
A simple formula: Call of Duty + giant robots + generic sci-fi = Titanfall.
It's a first person shooter with two different gameplays, human and Titan. It has a semi-single player campaign and multiplayer. It costs a full blown 52.99 Euros, which is about 70 USD. I was going into this expecting a new experience, and Titanfall did deliver that. The game's prakour style of running, jumping and gunning really keeps this fast paced.The game's audio with regards to weapon sounds, foot work, etc really brought the environment to life. I really liked the tutorial where it forces you to use all your tools. The Titan mechs are large, ominous and down right awesome. When playing in a titan, you feel unstoppable. The dash ability was very fun to use. Titanfall excels in customizations and weapon unlock. The weapons are refreshing. Especially the smart pistol, I love that thing.