Bud Reviews: The Lego Movie

What can I say about a movie that's about Lego? This isn't Lego Star Wars, or Marvel. It's about the brand. The iconic toy from yesteryear. Who hasn't heard about Lego? I wonder if our current timeline is influenced by this child's play system. Can you imagine a timeline where Lego was not invented?
Much of today's creativity was influenced at some point or another by this fascinating company. They're not just plastic toys to amuse children, it's much more than that. Lego's have become legendary. A mantle few can ever reach. The shear impact of this brand is unfathomable.
Lego went all out. And it's expected of them. With their failure in Lego Universe game and the rise of Minecraft, they had to do something.

The Lego Movie delivers 100%, it has a large intricate story that not only stays true to the brand, it even makes you fall in love with it all over again. It will make you feel something powerful, that is a guarantee.
The voice acting is top notch, the visuals are unprecedented, and the themes throughout the story are very human.The characters are interesting, unique, and loveable.

It surpasses all animation movies of our time, for one reason: it brings our own toys to life. Imagine Toy Story on steroids. The 3D experience was great, but can easily be overlooked. The animation quality is enough to be on a regular 2D cinema ticket.

The only drawback, and it is a huge drawback, is that it's a 100 minute toy commercial.I'm sure every parent that brought their kids to see this movie had to fork out $$$ for more Lego sets afterwards.

The Lego Movie gets a B on the B.U.D scale:
Go see it, take your kids to see it, take your parents too, hell take the whole family. It is a breath of fresh air and a gentle reminder for everyone to have some awesome fun.

The B.U.D scale: 
B= Buy
U= Useless (Not recommended)
D= Do not buy

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