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Bud Reviews: Mass Effect 3 (Xbox 360)...1 Year Later

Since Mass Effect 3's release last year, I did not get a chance to play it when it came out. I wanted to enjoy the game. As a person who invested multiple iterations and hours of wonderful gameplay from the previous titles. As I was on the go, I did not have access to an Xbox since its release. I finally got back to my Xbox. Naturally I have a huge list of games I gotta catch up to. Bops 2 etc. But ME3 had to be played.
My local electronics store was selling a brand new ME3 game for 15 Euros (about $20 USD). I bought it. I was still puzzled about the low price. And thought that maybe it didn't sell well , and that is why the price reduction.

So I played it. I saw the different endings. I read the damn internet outrage on them.

This was one tough decision folks.

Never was I torn in any review of a game or anything else. The amount of emotion the Mass Effect series invoked was massive. It generated confusion.

I felt disappointed in the endings. The whole issue of choice etc. That this game was built to serve our choice. And the endings did not give us that.  That was my response at first. As I watched people's reviews of this game, and why they think it's a horrible ending to an amazing series. I contemplated more and more. I weighed it from both ends. Heck I even started this blog post at least a month ago, and I kept on coming back to it.

Here is the bottom line:

If I dissect this game , piece by piece, I found out that I will get disappointed just like many others. Because it's not meant to be dissected this way. Many others were deeply hurt by the endings. Why didn't Shepard do this, or why couldn't they deliver this or that. "Damn you Bioware, why did you allow so and so to die or live". Yes there were many things that annoyed me about ME3. Kai Leng for example, was randomly introduced for no reason, made it feel like Metal Gear. The emphasis on EDI rather than the Alien / Human relations. But I cannot sit here and give this AMAZING game a bad review just because I disagreed with their endings, or with their story telling. The delivery was beyond excellent. There were some plot holes, but damn was that ending epic. No matter which one you picked, it was their desire. The team's desire. It's their right. It's their game. Be it EA or Bioware. And take it easy on the EA hate you guys. Yes they are a company and want to make money, get over it. They're not running a charity here.

Story critique aside, this game deserves an award for wrapping up such a rich trilogy. The apparent flaws that people complain about are simply their limits. I understand that now. And I respect them for staying true to their decisions and backing up their staff.

I understand that I have no clue what the catalyst is doing or why. But they have their reasons. They must.

Now if you want to discuss what the ending should have been, I'm all ears. But as far as I'm concerned this is a game worth playing.

Mass Effect 3 gets a
B on the B.U.D scale: 
An end once and for all for an outstanding trilogy.

The B.U.D scale: 
B= Buy
U= Useless (Not recommended)
D= Do not buy

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