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Bud Reviews: Mass Effect 3 (Xbox 360)...1 Year Later

Since Mass Effect 3's release last year, I did not get a chance to play it when it came out. I wanted to enjoy the game. As a person who invested multiple iterations and hours of wonderful gameplay from the previous titles. As I was on the go, I did not have access to an Xbox since its release. I finally got back to my Xbox. Naturally I have a huge list of games I gotta catch up to. Bops 2 etc. But ME3 had to be played. My local electronics store was selling a brand new ME3 game for 15 Euros (about $20 USD). I bought it. I was still puzzled about the low price. And thought that maybe it didn't sell well , and that is why the price reduction.

So I played it. I saw the different endings. I read the damn internet outrage on them.
This was one tough decision folks.

Mini-blurb: Where is the next Half-Life 3? Episode 3?

What is Half Life 3? Might as well be a Unicorn, or Atlantis.
The suspense is killing me. Are we going to see something in E3 this year? Anything at this point would be helpful.
It seems Valve has learned its lesson from the Hl2 leak.
How are they preventing their employees from revealing anything? Are they threatening them? Did they take their stomachs out and only feed them saline stuff?
Can wikileaks do anything about this?
Then again, I want them to take their time. I would hate to have a bad story.
Who thinks HL3 will reinvent the gaming industry as we know it?