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Bud Reviews: Transformers Fall of Cybertron (PC)

Aaaaaaaaaalrighty then!

So the game has been out for a while now. But I still choose to review it well after it is released. It is not that simple. I need time to make a proper assessment. Also, there are tons of other reviews that are available during release time. So it's not like you guys are waiting for me to approve the game for you. I like to build credibility this way, and depending on demand, then I may review games right at release. Also I have to pay for the games I review, so it really depends on that.

2 points before I begin:

1- I internet speak on purpose, this isn't English class, yes it's the language, but it's my blog so...adios
2- I am a TF fan. Maybe not tattooed or have the entire G1 collection, Armada, Energon. But I qualify
3. I know I said 2 points, but I am the Decepticon PR manager and I will try to be as objective as possible.

I take my hat off to High Moon Studios. They put tremendous effort in the game, and you can tell they loved what they were doing. This review is critical, and is not intended diminish their efforts in any way, but in hopes of sheding light on overlooked points. I love the TF franchise, and what you have done is light years, no seriously, light years better than what Bay brought to the table.

The Review:

Runs on Unreal 3 and Havok physics. Out for Xbox 360, PS3, PC.
I am reviewing the PC version on steam. Had WFC on xbox prior

War for Cybertron....WFC
Fall of Cybertron ...FOC
Now that it's out of your system, on with the review

After the events in the previous title WFC, we join Optimus Prime and his crew just as Cybertron is under complete Decepticon control. The energon reserve is low, and the Autobots are losing. They have commissioned an Ark to leave Cybertron in search for resources. But Megatron doesn't want them to leave the party. So Decepticons Attack, etc. The story progression is different from WFC, instead of splitting campaigns into Autobot and Decepticon, you play one giant chronology of events from different views and characters. Levels are designed for each character and complement gameplay elements accordingly.
For example, Jazz's level has platforms and sniping and so on.

Stunning textures. Amazing design. They really did excel in translating the different metals and materials in the game. Just looking at the plating on Optimus, you could see the crisp red metallic color. A vast improvement over WFC. Environments are large and rich.

New weapons are nice to have, melee is reduced, and transforming is very smooth. Level design still remains linear, but follows story nicely and I don't mind it. If you played WFC, this game will seem natural to you. They tweaked some stuff and removed different abilities in favor of balance and simplicity. You really feel you are a Transformer. They nailed that one. A.I. are difficult and interesting. Sometimes all levels look the same. As if someone threw up on your screen. You notice it prominently in the multiplayer. It lagged sometimes, especially in the Bruticus levels and towards the ends. But not sure if that's my computer or the game.

The story follows the Exodus/ TF Prime timeline. It fits nicely. Optimus was true to his character and Cullen excelled. Nice seeing all the characters, Combaticons, Metroplex, Grimlock, and the lot. But it was too short, and too spread out. I felt lost at times and I wanted more. It felt incomplete. The insecticons are massive, and don't have their distinctive echo voice. Sure kickback repeats a few words, but damn, it's the Insecticons! Game ends on a cliffjumper...oops I mean cliffhanger. At times, the game felt like a blurr. I had fun playing it, because it was Transformers. But I didn't care much about the events. It's like I've been desensitized by all the environments looking the same, and not spending enough time on Cybertron to care for it. Maybe it was the way they split the story up, they wanted a story about the fall of cybertron and not one faction or the other. Which after thinking about it that way, makes sense. So I'm neautral on this point. They have tons of amazing content that needed more time to explore. The details in the sea of rust, are just amazing. The classic Megatron vs Optimus fight was epic to see and experience.
So I'm on the fence when it comes to story, that's because I'm heavily invested in Transformers mythos. So to me it feels repetitive since I'm always involved in Tf  in one form or another. Minus my minor pet peeves when it comes to story. It was logical, interesting, sad, and true to the conflict. When the game was announced and the entire coverage was on the characters, I wish all that coverage was explained in the game, so others can see how deep they had to go. For example, Grimlock's inability to speak properly due to Shockwave messing with his head, was such a strong theme. It was overlooked by the events around him. But each character is studied well. I feel sometimes, that they needed a better personification. Swindle, wasn't selling anything, or as we know him. The Combaticons were great to see, but I wanted FULL CONTROL over Bruticus. See the problem with this game, and many others, is they don't understand that we fantasize about being these giant robots. Don't limit me with invisible walls. If I'm Starscream, I want to go anywhere I want. Or I want to fly as Bruticus and bring havoc to the world. Not go through repeat animations of turrets breaking. And why did you give Bruticus a flamethrower. It's like impounding a Nissan Skyline GTR. Bruticus is a Combaticon, he is the entire team. Powerful! Flamethrowers are strong, but they lack a certain aspect when used on metal robots. You needed a cannon that erased everything around him. It's Bruticus. Plus why isn't Bruticus's voice the same as in G1.

High Moon, you have access to one of the best intellectual properties in the world. I'm sure Hasbro had restrictions, but at least you could make Slug say "excuse me" in the cute way he did in the original "real" animated Tf movie. In this game he sounded like a freaking accountant. Slug/Slag, had a persona. They all had personas. And we remember those characters as such. You kept Grimlock's persona right, maybe his voice work should have been better. Sure you had engine limitations, graphical, time, and deadlines. But if you wanted to introduce Grimlock. Don't show all his footage in trailers and interviews before the game is launched. You showed almost everything before the game was released, not a wise move.

Game is great so far, until Multiplayer shows up.
It is not customization if it's only a handful or bots to choose from. Don't advertise it as infinite combinations again. I was misled. I can't create my own Transformer, if the vehicle mode is not modified in anyway. And the damn colors suck. Really they do, give us more options. Look to Forza for their amazing car painting etc. The multiplayer character voices need more variation, they get repetitive and a bit annoying. They need more character, Decepticons can't sound the same as Autobots, give us some more ominous voices. I want to be able to choose always Decepticon.
Biggest issue with Multi on PC is the inability to communicate with the other players, even in Escalation when it is needed. I understand it's a port and that's why I'm not too picky about this. But it should be fixed hopefully.
Putting these annoyances aside, the multiplayer is difficult at first, but once you get the hang of it, it evolves into a Prime. Unbelievable fast paced gameplay, with smooth transforming. I like it even more than WFC. It's fast, and it requires skill. Transforming always helps you. You die too fast though.
Escalation is fun, but without teamspeak, it's difficult to enjoy it. Need more characters to play. Can we also use our own "custom" Tfs in escalation?

2 amazing trailers for the game set the tone

*choose your verdict, guilty or innocent*

- The best Transformers game to date
- Mechanical design is flawless
- Concept and setting are unique
- Great voice acting for key characters
- Lots of characters and you get your TF fix
- Strong story
- Transforming gameplay truly unique
- Michael Bay is nowhere to be found

- Add more voices please, not the generic voice
- Multiplayer on Pc does not support chat or voice
- Too short
- Jets are still limited ( invisible walls), maps huge, but need to be bigger (skyward)
- Need to make me feel more for Cybertron
- Can't play Bruticus in multi
- No full control of Metroplex
- Multi Matchmaking is slow
- Super annoying countdown timer sound in multi

Sadly despite this game's amazing features, I think it's the same argument for Halo universe. If you like TF and you are a fan, this game is a must have. It gets a B on the Bud scale for a Tf fan no questions asked. But I fear for the average Joe, the average gamer, who just wants to COD. It might be a bad idea for him/her. The multiplayer is not fully sustainable. The single player is gorgeous and deserves to be played. But the entire game is not worth 69. It has not much replay value, unless you want to hear more of Cullen's voice. Audio in multiplayer needs more variety. Game is great, don't get me wrong, or hate on me, but it needs more. It's not there yet. Close but maybe third iteration will be the better fix. It feels like WFC rehashed, definitely improved, but not a standalone game that I can say go buy. Spend you hard earned money on the toy line, might get more bang for your buck. Think of it like this, does TF FOC, offer you the same bang for your buck as Halo? Halo is way more engaging than this. or even Counter Strike GO. I'm talking strictly multi. If the Single player campaign was longer, then perhaps. I explained before, I'm a Tf fan, and because I'm a Tf fan, I have a very acute requirement from a Tf game. This review will not affect many and cost High Moon the franchise, and that is not my intention. I have to say this. The franchise is healthy and needs critical input to continue to improve. The multiplayer management is sub par. And it is because of that I give the final verdict below. Nonetheless, I'll still be playing this awesome Tf game that I bought, and posting pics of it, but I'm not so sure the rest of the masses can handle Tf too much.

If you had to choose between this game and Bay movies.This game.

Transformers Fall of Cybertron gets a D on the
B.U.D scale: 
Do not buy (spend your $ elsewhere)

The B.U.D scale:
B= Buy
U= Useless (Not recommended)
D= Do not buy

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