Spiderman, a new look

I was asked recently who is my favorite superhero.

I picked Spiderman, but for the wrong reasons.

I've always been a Spiderman fan. Since day 1. But I hated that Spiderman was limited to cities and buildings etc.  But it was after one of my colleagues explained why they like Spiderman that shed some light on the matter.

Spiderman is a free person they said, he can climb anywhere, he is stealthy. Climb out of anysituation, jump and explore. That is what makes Spiderman awesome. And his down to earth attitude is even better. But the Peter Parker in Sam Rami Spiderman was just a wimp. I liked the older spiderman, the animated one, on Fox Kids.

Radioactive Spidermaaaan.

but back to my point. I jump around a lot, so don't worry.

But the new Miles Spidy or other incarnations, have always been about the symbol, about the Freedom. Just like Batman says, any one can be Batman. I will adopt this and make it so that anyone can be Spiderman.

I am Spiderman

Marvel = Disney, I like Disney , and now I like Marvel. Though I hate UP

back to my point
Spidey is awesome, gonna go see his movie, I didn't see it when it came out....I'm in Germany, though I don't mind seeing it in Deautsch, I still prefer seeing American movies in their native language

:( I missed the Spiderman series


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