What's up gang...especially the ladies , wink wink

So I've been on the go, and Android is with me.
I'm in Europa at the moment.

I'll be making some new content.

I know I keep saying I'll be doing this and that, but the nice thing about being a blog, and not a company, is that I can do that. I can post stuff when I want and what I want. And not give a sandwich about stuff.

I might  do gameplay videos again, but I ened fraps

my computer got a virus, I'll post screenshot too.

But since I've been on the go, it's been hard to get things moving. I have to focus on my job. I'm in public relations, so I talk to people. It's nice and all. But being shy kinda sucks with this type of environment.

But folk it.

I suck at SC2, can't seem to care enough about it to compete. I game to have fun. I'm still bronze !!! yikes.

Would u guys like to see me play SC2? With commentary?

I need a content venue

because I had to format the drive , *virus*, and I didn't get  chance to backup.

So I'm kinda pissed about that. It it soooooooooo much than what the old episodes were. I have like 50 railways, looping, circuits, etc. So no minecraft for a while. Until perhaps next update or something.

I'm tired most of the time, from travelling and adjusting to living here.

No xbox , nothing

only hanging out with pple and friends.

but I miss xbox, I'll skip out on TF FOC, Halo 4, AC 3, GTA5.

All the best games ...sad face.

someone comment plz


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