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Cybertron is a wasteland, that needs to change

Cybertron, our home. Autobots and Decepticons have been fighting for eons. Cybertron is long gone. It is time to choose a side that will benefit cybertron. The humans have not only attacked cybertronians. But they are stealing cybertronian technology and even attempt to incorporate it into themselves. The Autobots work for these creatures and do not wish to harm them, yet they harm other cybertronians no problem.
I'm not saying Decepticons don't retaliate. Decepticons are clear. They want to bring back cybertron by any means. So what if they wanted to borrow the humans as slaves. It's not like the humans didn't borrow thousands of horses and other animals to help build their civilization. What about the endless slaughter of animals for sustenance. Prime supports that by supporting humans. Decepticons get energon by harvesting resources. Not killing other creatures in order to live. Making dishes and various contraptions to make them taste better. But when humans are t…


Cannot stop will not stop Buk buk buk laaao.
Lakaaaa some booooooodey
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