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Bud Reviews: Black Mesa (PC)

Wake up and smell the ashes
Ok so I admit, the  TF:FOC review was long and the verdict was harsh. But I had to be honest. I must be honest. As a reviewer I can't allow my bias of Transformers influence it. High Moon Studios are big boys now, they can handle criticism. The length was because it was Transformers and I had lots of points to say. But I'll try and keep it straight forward with Black Mesa.

I kind of hate the breakdown from graphics, gameplay, etc. I know it's easier for the reader to go through categories, but I think it's best if I do it sporadically. And if you want to read quickly through it , then just go to the summary. So as this is my 3rd or 4th review, I will adjust the format, until I find something more comfortable. Now let's get to the good part.
Half Life 1 is referred to as Half Life, there is no Half Life 1, only Half Life 2, and perhaps when the world ends we get 3. (lol)

Bud Reviews: Transformers Fall of Cybertron (PC)

Aaaaaaaaaalrighty then!
So the game has been out for a while now. But I still choose to review it well after it is released. It is not that simple. I need time to make a proper assessment. Also, there are tons of other reviews that are available during release time. So it's not like you guys are waiting for me to approve the game for you. I like to build credibility this way, and depending on demand, then I may review games right at release. Also I have to pay for the games I review, so it really depends on that.
2 points before I begin:
1- I internet speak on purpose, this isn't English class, yes it's the language, but it's my blog so...adios 2- I am a TF fan. Maybe not tattooed or have the entire G1 collection, Armada, Energon. But I qualify 3. I know I said 2 points, but I am the Decepticon PR manager and I will try to be as objective as possible.

Spiderman, a new look

I was asked recently who is my favorite superhero.

I picked Spiderman, but for the wrong reasons.

I've always been a Spiderman fan. Since day 1. But I hated that Spiderman was limited to cities and buildings etc.  But it was after one of my colleagues explained why they like Spiderman that shed some light on the matter.

Spiderman is a free person they said, he can climb anywhere, he is stealthy. Climb out of anysituation, jump and explore. That is what makes Spiderman awesome. And his down to earth attitude is even better. But the Peter Parker in Sam Rami Spiderman was just a wimp. I liked the older spiderman, the animated one, on Fox Kids.

Radioactive Spidermaaaan.

but back to my point. I jump around a lot, so don't worry.

But the new Miles Spidy or other incarnations, have always been about the symbol, about the Freedom. Just like Batman says, any one can be Batman. I will adopt this and make it so that anyone can be Spiderman.

I am Spiderman

Marvel = Disney, I like Disne…

You know how it always is

Quick drop on yaall
been busy
super busy
lots of stuff happenin
When I get a chance I'll post stuff.
But haven't forgotten about you.
this is still an active blog
but when you are in Europe you don't tend to blog. Lots of stuff to see.



What's up gang...especially the ladies , wink wink

So I've been on the go, and Android is with me.
I'm in Europa at the moment.

I'll be making some new content.

I know I keep saying I'll be doing this and that, but the nice thing about being a blog, and not a company, is that I can do that. I can post stuff when I want and what I want. And not give a sandwich about stuff.

I might  do gameplay videos again, but I ened fraps

my computer got a virus, I'll post screenshot too.

But since I've been on the go, it's been hard to get things moving. I have to focus on my job. I'm in public relations, so I talk to people. It's nice and all. But being shy kinda sucks with this type of environment.

But folk it.

I suck at SC2, can't seem to care enough about it to compete. I game to have fun. I'm still bronze !!! yikes.

Would u guys like to see me play SC2? With commentary?

I need a content venue

because I had to format the drive…

Cybertron is a wasteland, that needs to change

Cybertron, our home. Autobots and Decepticons have been fighting for eons. Cybertron is long gone. It is time to choose a side that will benefit cybertron. The humans have not only attacked cybertronians. But they are stealing cybertronian technology and even attempt to incorporate it into themselves. The Autobots work for these creatures and do not wish to harm them, yet they harm other cybertronians no problem.
I'm not saying Decepticons don't retaliate. Decepticons are clear. They want to bring back cybertron by any means. So what if they wanted to borrow the humans as slaves. It's not like the humans didn't borrow thousands of horses and other animals to help build their civilization. What about the endless slaughter of animals for sustenance. Prime supports that by supporting humans. Decepticons get energon by harvesting resources. Not killing other creatures in order to live. Making dishes and various contraptions to make them taste better. But when humans are t…


Cannot stop will not stop Buk buk buk laaao.
Lakaaaa some booooooodey
Comment if u get this reference

What a burden

Ever wondered what's up there?
Like what?
What if somebody up there is wondering what's it like down here?
Aaand halo 3 trailer intro still makes no sense. Who the hell were those kids? Is it the ,chief? And why they called him John. I still don't know. Just to make it biblical I guess.
Anyways. The burden is heavy on the chief. Imagine the phsychological stress on a human being trying to feed his family. Now imagine the entire human world. Same as Shepard. How messed up would u be. U wouldn't be making jokes.
 Also I'm gonna read this book now. Bud

Changes and Starcraft 2

Have I mentioned how awesome starcraft 2 is? I've been playing this game trying to improve my play. But it's not that easy. I'm still playing only as terran. So I master them one race at a time.
Also I'm going to update more. I have had much feedback on my minecraft episodes. Ill improve them. I. Still havnt uploaded episodes 6 to 14. Episode 5 is up now. Ill record new ones. Also I might include an sc game here and there.
I'm trying from my samsung galaxy now. So gonna end it here. But keep coming back here . I will be uploading more stuff soon. Once exams r over. I be a free man again.
Have fun