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Gamers fo life yo

Just wanna say, how lately I've been seeing many people , from the "real world" not too happy about gaming. Well it's fun isn't it?
don't u guys miss the snes days? or Ps1? or even CS 1.6 days. Hell Xbox 1 days, with Combat Evolved coming out, I've had non stop flashbacks of my Halo 1 days. Halo 1 was epic.

I have to say Half life 1 and 2 were phenomenal , but they're taking forever, so the points will go to Halo for now, until 3 comes out. Plus the too many Gmod videos, kind of ruined hl 2 for me, and the source engine over and over. same argument goes for Halo I know, but it was controlled, but nothing was like Halo 1. It was pure first person shooter, no third person high jacking, no dual weilding (cause it's actually quite hard)

Halo 1 would have been an excellent story if it just stayed with no sequels. not saying sequels are bad, but
damn Halo 1 is like your first love. Nothing quite matches that (talking strictly Halo here)

I'm a gamer and I…