(Update) Decepticon Energon Drive

Decepticon Inc is holding another Energon Drive for the needy bots, at the CreA sector in Kaon. Bring your high spirits and Energon to help your fellow Cybertronians.

Are you an Autobot? Well it's ok, come by and donate Energon to ones in need of help.
As you have been told by your Autobot leaders, that you will be shot on sight if you attend these events. It's all a lie. no one is getting shot or losing a tire. We've never done that, we care about all cybertronians and want a healthier and safer cybertron.

Cyber cookies and Cyber milk are on us, milked from the best cyber cows credits can buy. You will be replenished and you would have made a difference

if you have any questions

please do not hesitate to contact me

Bud Maloney
Decepticon inc. Public Relations Manager

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