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E3 2011 wrap up

wow omg its E3, and it's done
Halo 4 k lol thnnnnnnx

WTF is Wii U, do I need another friggin screen shinning on my face. It's like I'm holding a platter. Now Nintendo? Now? u wanna appeal to the adult crowd? what soccer and yoga moms weren't enough for u?
Wii U!!! what kind of name is that. F U gamers is what Nintendo wants to really call it.

Zelda remake oooooh , I want to play an old amazing game on a crappy 3ds system. Off with their heads.

ok Halo 4.
I'm tired, honestly, soo tired of switching halo games, busting my ass on a Halo game , become its master, and making the game ma beeyotch, then they release a whole new game. And a remake even. WTF. Wow MS screwed u big time Bungie. 343...meh, not good trailer if u ask me. Was that part of Deus Ex Human rev trailer in the beginning I saw? Cortana is a clingy one isn't she? And what's that he's holding, a TROMBONE? and it's gonna b a trilogy. AWWW MAN , gonna take another freaking 6 years of stupid trailers and hype. I'm sitting this one out and so should you.

Mass Effect 3
looks like 2? More reapers, yippeee. can't wait to see what crazy decisions I have to make. But why Earth Bioware? u had aaaall these planets, is this your attempt at trying to make us care? well it's working. ME 3 looking fwd to , gonna play Me 2 and 1 again. But this time with a babe as Shepard.

OMGLOLTHISISSOOOOOOOOAMAAAAAAAZING. cinematic better than the movie, go to website....see actual gameplay....awww shit, it's horrible graphics. Will knights' glory survive the jump to MMO, tune in next time for MMORPG: MAKING MONEY OFF RIPPING POOR GAMERS. <=== like that acronym? I don't it sucks. I hope there is no fee.

PS3 stuff.... dn't care, dn't care about Vita, looks like an iphone, Sony sucks, I'm sorry I don't have a PS3 so I can't relate. Poor hacked users. I want anonymous credit card, or just credit card for the net u jerks.

E3 2011 had some cool stuff, as usual it's all hypemachine .

Im sleepy peace out boys and girls. Eat your veggies kids

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