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I'm so sick of ads

As the title says,
Advertisements, in all their horrible, numerous, and wicked forms.
On tv, on the net,on the bus, on our clothes, our bags, our underwear, our cars, our hats, our glasses, our watches, our language, and our thoughts.
Boom boom boom boom, in our face, in our hands, in our hair....everywhere!
And no break what so ever.
Can't we have a day or a month where ads are prohibited?
I know the Internet is based on ads , and without it , the net would collapse, but surely we can spare a day. I'd gladly temporarily remove ads from my blog and not get my infinitesimal revenue.
But the thing is we can't.
We can not do it.
It's impossible.
In a world where we can make flying robotic seagulls, we cannot halt the advertising machine.
We've become an ad ourselves, our experiences with locations, interactions, and memories,
We are a fragment of a massive marketing campaign.
I'm not saying conspiracy, the purpose is to rule over the world no.
I'm saying this ad sum, the purpose is to be, to exist, to gain market share, has penetrated every single facet of our lives.
Maybe halting the ad machine is not beneficial. If we strip away our ads, we strip away our humanity, our history.
Look at Nazi Germany, they had branding, of the logo. Or Soviet Russia, or any other nation with their flags held up high.
Advertising is a symbol, its a constant pursuit of some second of attention, that individually is useless, but after doors are closed, blankets covered, they begin to have an impact universally.
You have a chat with your friends, and one girl brings up a subject about... Let's say, soup.
What comes to your mind?
Maybe a certain chunky variety ? Or some mushroom ? Asian instant noodles?
Even home made recipes are ads for the chefs at home.


It's everywhere and it's unstoppable, hate it or love it.

I'm tired, so I think I'll sleep now, good night or good something , where ever you are when you are reading this. What are your thoughts on ads? Can it be stopped? Should it be stopped?

As a guy who works in public relations and is heavy on the ad side of things, I'm getting to see some sides to it.

Bud out

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