Bud's got a new Xbox 360 Slim and....

...it's ...cool...I guess.

So as many of you know, other than my day job as a public relations manager, I have a YouTube channel where I fix an Xbox 360, well the old version. I have been plagued as many others with Xbox problems, and I took it upon myself to try a different approach, and finally my Xbox got fixed and I shared my experience with YouTube guys. So far I've helped s lot of people who message and comment that my solution worked, and a few didn't really work for them. I'm glad to help, and I continure to respond to peoples comments, and message when i can.
But sadly even I couldnt fix the latest issue with my old Xbox, I got two red lights...error 013. I tried everything, believe me, new washers , clamp fix, over ten times, penny trick, even soldering and reflow (the last part I actually went to a guy on kijiji to fix it and he couldn't) I sent it to Microsoft to fix it, maybe they can, they sent it back saying it was tampered with, thankfully didn't cost me anything. But I'm all out of ideas. I've been Xbox free for the past three months, going back and forth with this crazy device, my other Xbox got a play DVD error, which I couldn't fix either, because as it turns out I didn't have the original DVD drive, I got it from someone..btw. Finally , I decided I need my gaming fix, I have to get my gaming fix, no matter what. Since I invested heavily into a massive Xbox games collection it would be unwise to switch to ps3, their games aren't that much, they suck, and their controller is exact same as before, so I said screw it, it's Xbox, cause I sure won't be getting a wii.
I buy the $200 360 slim, 4 gb. I don't care about kinect, no thank you I don't want a camera in my living room, nor do I want to buy crappy games that I can try to force upon my friends who don't like to play games, or don't want to embarrass themselves , and I end up looking like a bad guy for trying to get people to play games. So screw it, screw you kinect, $150 is too expensive, should've have been included with the slim for free, its the least you could do for the horrible red ringed chaos you unleashed upon this earth.
Back to 4 gb console, I find out that the freaking thing cannot pllay halo coop, yes, no halo coop capability, you need a stupid hard drive.
So screw you once again Microsoft.
S I return it, and end up buying the $300 one, with 250 gb, also I have to buy this horrible transfer cable, which I need to get, all those hours of gaming on forza and I can't transfer my stuff. This idiotic one time cable use is outrageous, I hate it, but I had to get it.
This pisses me off, stupid transfer cable, priced at $30 or something like that. Not worth a penny.
And after all this, it's the exact same thing, nothing better, even loud, not thaaaaaaat silent.
So Microsoft. Because I love halo and games too much i have had to put up with your shitty products and shitty pricing schemes, with your shitty headsets , your shitty points system,shitty micro transactions, shitty inside Xbox videos, shitty expensive accessories, shitty overheating equipment, and finally shitty that you have to make us pay for Xbox live and you didn't even add a browser into this whole thing.
So thank you Microsoft. Bungie is no longer exclusive. You relese a new gen Xbox that is not backward compatible, I will sell you for a penny, just like you sold us hardcore gamers to the casual crowd and your greed. But for now I will play with my Xbox and enjoy it until it lasts.
If you get offended Xbox by my comments, plz let me know, I would love to listen to your side of things, and if you improve, or even explain yourself, I might change the things I have said, but as it stands now, I'm not pleased, with this.
That said, thank you for making games for us and allowing us to enjoy such a platform, even if it is at a high price,but I could say that it may have been worth it, ....may.

Bud out

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