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Real Footage of Autobots hurting humans

Below is real footage of the Autobots hurting some humans!
The stupid Autobot has armor that can deflect rail guns but when a harmless hammer, by a harmless mascot hits him, he throws the human, maybe even breaking his back!
Paralyzing this frail being.
Don't listen to this Autobot Propaganda they call "the movies",these Autobots say they're friendly, look what he did! You're the dumb one disguised as one of their vehicles, "Deceiving them".

As Decepticons, whenever we are present on Earth, we prefer to remain in cybertronian form most of the time. We are only on Earth for a single purpose, and that is to get some Energon to save our people who are dying. We were looking for our Allspark which belonged to us. It was stolen by humans and they kidnapped our leader and kept him captive and frozen against his will. They performed horrendous tests and reverse engineering on one of our most valuable leaders. Upon arrival the Autobots somehow convince the humans that the Allspark belongs to them. No, No, No, The allspark belongs to Cybertronians, and claiming it for their own is not correct. The dumb humans believe the Autobots, and take it upon good faith that they are the ones fighting for good.
Had Megatron taken the Allspark, he would have simply returned to Cybertron, and maybe even helped the humans. The humans, decided to destroy our entire race's only hope of survival. The Autbots are freeloaders and decide to be a liability on this Earth.

The evidence is right in front of you. Decepticons don't hide, and when they do it's for a purpose, they want to get data or something, not just mindlessly hurt people as is shown from this new footage.

Look at it this way. You're human are you not?
If your entire "human race" is about to perish because of hunger, and you find a herd of Cows, and every time you wanted to harvest food to sustain your race, these barbarians stopped you and attacked you (claiming to defend the cows). What do you say?
now some people will say , eat plants, but the people are dying. Without food I guarantee you that most humans would harvest the cows some how and they'd go on living their lives normally, and nothing is wrong.
So when us Decepticons want to harvest Energon!, which is drilled from oil, and we are not directly killing humans, unless you attack us , for trying to get the thing that originally belonged to us in the first place, then of course the Decepticons will defend themselves.
Did you give them a chance? no
You attacked them immediately. You allied with the Autbots who treat you like shit, destroy your houses for no reason despite you telling them explicitly to not get close while you look for the glasses.

Oh there is a lot of things to discuss, too much to write in one article. I have more blog posts below regarding this matter since I got my new job as a Decepticon PR.

As the Decepticon Public Relations Manager, my role is to help bridge the gap between the Decepticons and humans. Decepticons is a corporation, we do what is best for the corporation.

Please comment and let me know your thoughts

I will be working hard on helping us understand each other

no more will the Decepticons sit silent and allow the Autobots to trick people.

Thank you

Bud Maloney
Decepticon PR Manager


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