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Real Footage of Autobots hurting humans

Below is real footage of the Autobots hurting some humans!
The stupid Autobot has armor that can deflect rail guns but when a harmless hammer, by a harmless mascot hits him, he throws the human, maybe even breaking his back!
Paralyzing this frail being.
Don't listen to this Autobot Propaganda they call "the movies",these Autobots say they're friendly, look what he did! You're the dumb one disguised as one of their vehicles, "Deceiving them".

As Decepticons, whenever we are present on Earth, we prefer to remain in cybertronian form most of the time. We are only on Earth for a single purpose, and that is to get some Energon to save our people who are dying. We were looking for our Allspark which belonged to us. It was stolen by humans and they kidnapped our leader and kept him captive and frozen against his will. They performed horrendous tests and reverse engineering on one of our most valuable leaders. Upon arrival the Autobots somehow convince the human…