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What the hell we want!

Dear Technology Companies,

Demands, no more BS

- I've been using Windows 7, Office 2010, and IE 9. And I have to say, Win 7 is amazing, really stable and you guys redeemed yourself. so is Office. and I'm liking the new IE9, just don't be creepy like Google. But you're not off the hook you know. Step your game up darn it. You're just letting every one bash you. And for some reason, even tho you are a software company, when people see more people with macbooks they think macs are winning the war, which in a way they are.
I respect in you Microsoft that you made everything possible, you pioneered it all. Win 95, 98, 2000, Xp, and even Vista believe it or not.
But come on guys, bring it back. Make your new Nokia phones unlocked and I will consider them. Every one knows your basic BSOD problems, so do something about it. Xbox live MAKE IT FREE. MAKE IT FREE, MAKE IT FREE.
What you did to Bungie is unforgivable.
NO ONE KNOWS HOW TO FIX THE DAMN XBOX. Ok you released a new one , fine, but let the rest rot with their open tray error. Tell us a solution or something. help us out, communicate with the community. It's your freaking product!

- FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, RELEASE THE IPAD 2 ALREADY! Make sure it has a front facing camera this time, with Flash. I don't care what your thoughts on Flash are, just add it.
- Force your stupid carriers to make their phones unlocked. I am sick and tired of locked phones. I travel to different countries other than Canada. have you ever considered that Apple? I realize this should be directed @ telecomm companies, but you agreed to selling your beauty phone locked. So do something plz. And you are sort of doing it by selling it, outright without contract, which I commend. You finally got part of the message.

- damn you, you creeper, stop stealing people's data and pictures
- Allow us to see our files on your hard drives so we can delete them and have a 100% gaurantee that they've been deleted.
- You are shady, fishy, and have no transparency what so ever. WTH
- Please have a regular delete your profile button instead of a stupid form, you're not a freakin University. Also, Allow me to change my name however and whenever I want. Let me deal with how I choose to present myself.

- you so awesome, you're not really too complex. Not much to complain about a trike.

- You creep
- but somehow you're cool in a hippie I don't trust kinda way
- actually you're becoming even more powerful. Again transperancy. Full 100% transparency and control, gauranteed control, only I have access to

- Unlock your phones you greedy greedy bunch, I don't care why (oh actually it's to gaurantee customers). If you are in an industry where you have to shackle your customers then there is something wrong.
- Same with contracts, they suck big time

- Show me more of Samus or GTFO
- plus your console sucks, gr8 packaging tho
- Mario looked better in bit format as opposed to 3d, his long legs is un natural. Admit it.

- Screw you with your proprietary shit, plus Xbox with their proprietary shit. I don't mean sony playstation, I mean all freaking sony products. Always with their own technology.
- Kick Apple's ass already, but you can't awwww, cause they're too good
- Sony overpriced

- I once bought a tape player "aka walkmanish" was really good, so you guys r great, except your stupid cameras suck.

- Stupid pavilion lap tops with their touch volume controls suck.

oh one more thing to any one taking pictures of a group
Take it properly you jerk, make sure every 1's faces appears. Always with pictures I don't appear, every one is clear except me. How the hell am I supposed to know.

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