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I finally got a new job!

Hey all,

I am sure you've all seen the Transformers 3 Dark of the Moon Trailer
found here

I was searching for a job, since I'm was jobless. I went to a company information session that made me apply to this job. It was the Decepticons. Of course as you all know , Decepticons is a subsidiary of Decepticon Inc. the global initiative.

I spoke with one of the human resources representative. It explained to me that, due to this new movie, they are labeling it internally "Transformers 3: Where the Sun Don't Shine"
That it will be the usual propaganda show to depict the Decepticons as evil and somehow have them lose, despite having a very intimidating and threatening trailer showing that the world will end, the Autobots some how mess it up for Decepticons. And that's where he explained to me the position which I applied to and after a couple interviews I finally got . ^_^ yaaay

I'm so glad I got accepted at Decepticon Inc.
I got hired as the new Public Relations Manager for the Decepticon Corporate Division.
Don't worry I'll still blog about my personal stuff, and my supervisor at work is ok with me blogging, this means a lot of my content will change to mix both work and personal stuff (my reviews of games etc).
The interview went really well, I was interviewed by the Decepticon Inc main hiring manager Seeker 983D.

So what is my job?
My job is to change the misconceptions that people have about the faction known as Decepticons. There are many different subsidiaries of Decepticons Inc.
I manage the entire multiverse. From different historical time periods. Also know in the books as generation 1, where no transformer life existed before that time (as far as the archeologists have predicted), Bayformers (the movement heavily influenced by the Bay Era of technology), and others (Armada, Energon, Beast Age.)

If you have any questions
Please don't hesitate to let me know
My corporate information is

Bud Maloney
Public Relations Manager

Decepticon Inc.
Iacon, Cybertron
45 Eta Cyclonus Drive Galactic Area Code 001(23555)DEC-4EVA

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