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Had to come to work on a Saturday, Megatron commands it

So my first few days on the job as a PR manager for the Decepticon Inc. company, was really awesome. I met my fellow co workers, from different departments; operations, communications, and even construction. The guys from construction are really chilled out, and they mix the best cocktails...seriously this guy Mix Master is so pro at it.
So far i've been touring the plants, the ships, and offices of Decepticon Inc.
Let me tell you guys, WOW. What an amazing operation they have going.

Let's talk about the plants first. They have the latest ISO standards in place and many of their safety systems are top of the line. As you all know, Decepticon Inc. has a multi-global presence in the manufacturing world. They manufacture many products and equipment for their own and their clients.
The plant I visited manufactured a complex "transformation cog", (don't ask me what model number it is, I got no clue about this engineering stuff, that's why I went to PR), but these cogs are actually being distributed and donated to less fortunate transformers throughout the galaxy. Homeless transformers who cannot afford to fix their transformations. Decepticon inc. is giving these bots a second chance, at the company's own expense, to help them get up on their servos and contribute to their society. Next week I will actually visit a bot shelter, and have a discussion with the less fortunate bots and figure out what else they need.

The offices are totally dope. They give you free energon at an amazing cafeteria which has all the different types. For a human, they have amazing human foods ranging from Thai, Chinese, Italian, Mexican, etc... You name it, they got everything. All healthy options and free for us the employees.

The office space is very accommodating, it feels more like a playground than an office. I've never worked in a Transformer office before. The ceiling clearance is so high, you feel so grand. With jets and helicopters zooming above us. Everyone going about their business.
My manager, Seeker 887SS is very friendly and we went out to an energon pub nearby, we had a great night, I got to mingle with other people and bots from the office. Oh and it's hard to tell by the name, but my manager Seeker 887SS is a fembot ;) Imagine your fembot boss taking you out for energon. Now that's epic.

I toured some of the ships outside the hanger, but I couldn't get a closer looks since I didn't have the clearance. They were loading a lot of heavy items. I may have seen hatchlings. But I was so mesmerized by the shear size of ships it doesn't matter.

So that was a brief intro on my first days at work here at Decepticon Inc.
Megatron asked all of the new employees to come in this Saturday in his company wide memo, for an important orientation. We might get to see him I'm not sure. Or maybe other key executives. Every one I ask about this orientation thing tells me "oh it's the best thing ever, you'll have so much fun" but they don't give us any details.

So I guess it's not really working on the weekends.

I hear cheers, wow, they're cheering
"We are the Decepticons, and we are awesome"
lol this is exciting.

k if you guys will excuse me I'm leaving to go cheer with my co workers and maybe get to talk to some fembots ;)

Bud Maloney
Decepticon Inc. PR Manager

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