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Decepticons= Deceptive Convicts?

Allow me to explain a story, a true story of deception.
In many propaganda tapes, the Decepticons are brutally judged and discriminated against.
First is how their name is misinterpreted. Decepticons.
Talk to any one , and ask them what do you think of the Decepticons as a name , they will say it's derived from deception. And perhaps Deceptive Cons, as in Deceptive convicts. I cannot tell you how offensive it is to call Decepticons, deceptive convicts. You are assuming an entire population to be convicts, or criminals! When thy have many respectable individuals, scientists, cyber lawyers, cyber waste managers, cyber salesman, and cyber cooks to name a few.
How can people assume the prefix Decept means deceptive! So is Decimeter a deceptive meter? It's indicating a scale of 10.
You know some words when you hear them in English they sound like an english words, but totally mean something else in another language?
For example: Jug in English means a bottle of some sort, or another slang definition is breasts.
So I have a new group called Jugscons
so logically that refers to busty convicts?
Well Jugs in romanian "means yoke - the thing that people put on oxen to make them work together."

So wouldn't it make sense that Decepticons means something completely different in cybertronian?

Because I'll tell you what, they are good bots these "cons" as the Autobots blatantly put it. They convince people that the Decepticons are here to..."transform the world's technology and take over the world"
haha, that is soooo stupid.
The humans take it upon good faith that the Autobots are right.
How do they know the Allspark originally was for them. It was for all cybertronians, throwing it into space was dumb! As Optimus did.
Now not only did he destroy the hope of their race, he wants to live on Earth and bring the war to them.
Did the humans do a background check on Optimus? no
They just believed him and the silent bumblebee.

In the bay verse, Bumblebee was captured and no one cared to help him out.
We just saw you emp their entire weapons, you can do that to help bumblebee. All he cared about was the glasses. Did you see how he just kept on looking at the glasses.
What did Starscream/ frenzy do when they found Megatron's whereabouts.
They rushed to save him, he's been held captive, against his will.

When the US or any other country has a hostage situation, they send in SWAT members to get the VIP out, do they give a damn about hurting the hostage takers?Hell No! Screw them right? They are perceived as a threat. So why didn't you, Optimus Prime rescue Bumblebee. You threw away his life. Claiming that you do not want to hurt the humans, when you clearly have the technology to do so. You what? don't want to hurt their feelings?
Also why didn't you follow them. Some friend or leader you are. Had you followed him, you would have found out that the Allspark was there, and did not need those stupid glasses. You could have saved time you jerk. You didn't even listen to Jazz.

So why make it look like the Decepticons are bad for freeing Megatron and trying to get their precious Allspark, that they've been longing for.

So next time Optimus, don't say mumbo jumbo that these dumb gullible humans will believe you, "it has power"
What kind of power? Electrical? Chemical? We're supposed to believe it's "Magic"

Think about it, Megatron already has a huge Decepticon army, why would he turn human's technology, he was captive, how did the Autobots know his intentions. That is bull shit.
Now that shit is Deceptive if you ask me.

Until next time

Bud Maloney

As the Decepticons Public Relations Manager I approve this media excerpt. Although Decepticons are not pirates, but we're fun so we enjoy poking fun at our selves. Decepticons always professional.

This video is right, Decepticons have been portrayed badly in the press constantly

Optimus Prime is a murderer but no one says anything, because he has a cool voice.


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