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Bud's holding all internet activity till Dec 21st

Hey All,

I'm holding all my internet activities, relating to blog/youtube/deviantart/twitter and responding to anyone until after December 21st.
thank you

Gamers fo life yo

Just wanna say, how lately I've been seeing many people , from the "real world" not too happy about gaming. Well it's fun isn't it?
don't u guys miss the snes days? or Ps1? or even CS 1.6 days. Hell Xbox 1 days, with Combat Evolved coming out, I've had non stop flashbacks of my Halo 1 days. Halo 1 was epic.

I have to say Half life 1 and 2 were phenomenal , but they're taking forever, so the points will go to Halo for now, until 3 comes out. Plus the too many Gmod videos, kind of ruined hl 2 for me, and the source engine over and over. same argument goes for Halo I know, but it was controlled, but nothing was like Halo 1. It was pure first person shooter, no third person high jacking, no dual weilding (cause it's actually quite hard)

Halo 1 would have been an excellent story if it just stayed with no sequels. not saying sequels are bad, but
damn Halo 1 is like your first love. Nothing quite matches that (talking strictly Halo here)

I'm a gamer and I…


Thanks to a very good friend, he reminded me of how passionate I am about making a video game. And I intend to pursue that passion. I felt that it's wrong to be passionate about what I like.

Thanks dude for ur support


(Update) Decepticon Energon Drive

Decepticon Inc is holding another Energon Drive for the needy bots, at the CreA sector in Kaon. Bring your high spirits and Energon to help your fellow Cybertronians.

Are you an Autobot? Well it's ok, come by and donate Energon to ones in need of help.
As you have been told by your Autobot leaders, that you will be shot on sight if you attend these events. It's all a lie. no one is getting shot or losing a tire. We've never done that, we care about all cybertronians and want a healthier and safer cybertron.

Cyber cookies and Cyber milk are on us, milked from the best cyber cows credits can buy. You will be replenished and you would have made a difference

if you have any questions

please do not hesitate to contact me

Bud Maloney
Decepticon inc. Public Relations Manager

E3 2011 wrap up

wow omg its E3, and it's done
Halo 4 k lol thnnnnnnx

WTF is Wii U, do I need another friggin screen shinning on my face. It's like I'm holding a platter. Now Nintendo? Now? u wanna appeal to the adult crowd? what soccer and yoga moms weren't enough for u?
Wii U!!! what kind of name is that. F U gamers is what Nintendo wants to really call it.

Zelda remake oooooh , I want to play an old amazing game on a crappy 3ds system. Off with their heads.

ok Halo 4.
I'm tired, honestly, soo tired of switching halo games, busting my ass on a Halo game , become its master, and making the game ma beeyotch, then they release a whole new game. And a remake even. WTF. Wow MS screwed u big time Bungie. 343...meh, not good trailer if u ask me. Was that part of Deus Ex Human rev trailer in the beginning I saw? Cortana is a clingy one isn't she? And what's that he's holding, a TROMBONE? and it's gonna b a trilogy. AWWW MAN , gonna take an…

Star Wars Jedi Knight 2 and iPhone Unlocking

Let's just say this out loud. Star Wars Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Order is perhaps one of the best games I have ever played. Among the many nostalgic "fits" I get, my friend and I decided to try and see if JK2 will work. Now from my experience, this friend is in the States, we've always always always had problems trying to go online with new and old games. Even in stuff that is legit, like Xbox live, we have trouble connecting and Xbox support doesn't know wtf is goin on. To the point where no one in the internets knows!!!! Now that's saying something. The internet being the pinnacle of human technology and knowledge up to date cannot figure out why the hell I cannot connect to my friend's xbox live PARTY with all the freaking settings set to open, brand new router, nat settings open all the way, and being alive in a developed country and not the thrd world where perhaps internet may shift. No one knows. I am able to join a party with other friends, even in th…

Bud's got a new Xbox 360 Slim and....'s guess.

So as many of you know, other than my day job as a public relations manager, I have a YouTube channel where I fix an Xbox 360, well the old version. I have been plagued as many others with Xbox problems, and I took it upon myself to try a different approach, and finally my Xbox got fixed and I shared my experience with YouTube guys. So far I've helped s lot of people who message and comment that my solution worked, and a few didn't really work for them. I'm glad to help, and I continure to respond to peoples comments, and message when i can.
But sadly even I couldnt fix the latest issue with my old Xbox, I got two red lights...error 013. I tried everything, believe me, new washers , clamp fix, over ten times, penny trick, even soldering and reflow (the last part I actually went to a guy on kijiji to fix it and he couldn't) I sent it to Microsoft to fix it, maybe they can, they sent it back saying it was tampered with, thankfully didn…

I'm so sick of ads

As the title says,
Advertisements, in all their horrible, numerous, and wicked forms.
On tv, on the net,on the bus, on our clothes, our bags, our underwear, our cars, our hats, our glasses, our watches, our language, and our thoughts.
Boom boom boom boom, in our face, in our hands, in our hair....everywhere!
And no break what so ever.
Can't we have a day or a month where ads are prohibited?
I know the Internet is based on ads , and without it , the net would collapse, but surely we can spare a day. I'd gladly temporarily remove ads from my blog and not get my infinitesimal revenue.
But the thing is we can't.
We can not do it.
It's impossible.
In a world where we can make flying robotic seagulls, we cannot halt the advertising machine.
We've become an ad ourselves, our experiences with locations, interactions, and memories,
We are a fragment of a massive marketing campaign.
I'm not saying conspiracy, the purpose is to rule over the world no.

Real Footage of Autobots hurting humans

Below is real footage of the Autobots hurting some humans!
The stupid Autobot has armor that can deflect rail guns but when a harmless hammer, by a harmless mascot hits him, he throws the human, maybe even breaking his back!
Paralyzing this frail being.
Don't listen to this Autobot Propaganda they call "the movies",these Autobots say they're friendly, look what he did! You're the dumb one disguised as one of their vehicles, "Deceiving them".

As Decepticons, whenever we are present on Earth, we prefer to remain in cybertronian form most of the time. We are only on Earth for a single purpose, and that is to get some Energon to save our people who are dying. We were looking for our Allspark which belonged to us. It was stolen by humans and they kidnapped our leader and kept him captive and frozen against his will. They performed horrendous tests and reverse engineering on one of our most valuable leaders. Upon arrival the Autobots somehow convince the human…

What the hell we want!

Dear Technology Companies,

Demands, no more BS

- I've been using Windows 7, Office 2010, and IE 9. And I have to say, Win 7 is amazing, really stable and you guys redeemed yourself. so is Office. and I'm liking the new IE9, just don't be creepy like Google. But you're not off the hook you know. Step your game up darn it. You're just letting every one bash you. And for some reason, even tho you are a software company, when people see more people with macbooks they think macs are winning the war, which in a way they are.
I respect in you Microsoft that you made everything possible, you pioneered it all. Win 95, 98, 2000, Xp, and even Vista believe it or not.
But come on guys, bring it back. Make your new Nokia phones unlocked and I will consider them. Every one knows your basic BSOD problems, so do something about it. Xbox live MAKE IT FREE. MAKE IT FREE, MAKE IT FREE.
What you did to Bungie is unforgivable.

Decepticons= Deceptive Convicts?

Allow me to explain a story, a true story of deception.
In many propaganda tapes, the Decepticons are brutally judged and discriminated against.
First is how their name is misinterpreted. Decepticons.
Talk to any one , and ask them what do you think of the Decepticons as a name , they will say it's derived from deception. And perhaps Deceptive Cons, as in Deceptive convicts. I cannot tell you how offensive it is to call Decepticons, deceptive convicts. You are assuming an entire population to be convicts, or criminals! When thy have many respectable individuals, scientists, cyber lawyers, cyber waste managers, cyber salesman, and cyber cooks to name a few.
How can people assume the prefix Decept means deceptive! So is Decimeter a deceptive meter? It's indicating a scale of 10.
You know some words when you hear them in English they sound like an english words, but totally mean something else in another language?
For example: Jug in English means a bottle of some sort, or …

Had to come to work on a Saturday, Megatron commands it

So my first few days on the job as a PR manager for the Decepticon Inc. company, was really awesome. I met my fellow co workers, from different departments; operations, communications, and even construction. The guys from construction are really chilled out, and they mix the best cocktails...seriously this guy Mix Master is so pro at it.
So far i've been touring the plants, the ships, and offices of Decepticon Inc.
Let me tell you guys, WOW. What an amazing operation they have going.

Let's talk about the plants first. They have the latest ISO standards in place and many of their safety systems are top of the line. As you all know, Decepticon Inc. has a multi-global presence in the manufacturing world. They manufacture many products and equipment for their own and their clients.
The plant I visited manufactured a complex "transformation cog", (don't ask me what model number it is, I got no clue about this engineering stuff, that's why I went to PR), but these cog…

I finally got a new job!

Hey all,

I am sure you've all seen the Transformers 3 Dark of the Moon Trailer
found here

I was searching for a job, since I'm was jobless. I went to a company information session that made me apply to this job. It was the Decepticons. Of course as you all know , Decepticons is a subsidiary of Decepticon Inc. the global initiative.

I spoke with one of the human resources representative. It explained to me that, due to this new movie, they are labeling it internally "Transformers 3: Where the Sun Don't Shine"
That it will be the usual propaganda show to depict the Decepticons as evil and somehow have them lose, despite having a very intimidating and threatening trailer showing that the world will end, the Autobots some how mess it up for Decepticons. And that's where he explained to me the position which I applied to and after a couple interviews I finally got . ^_^ yaaay

I'm so glad I got accepted at Decepticon Inc.
I got hired as the new Public Relations M…

The new family shows?

Just a random thought for today peeps.
The Shay Tards are a youtube sensation, have they become the new Simpsons? Some destination for families to watch. Kids can enjoy and adults too?
I'm not sure, I don't have kids nor a wife. So I don't see it in that light?

another note. Gizmodo just put up a post about not buying the iPad
and that the iPad 2 is juuuust around the corner.
I guess I'll wait.