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Bud Reviews: Halo Reach (Xbox 360)

Remember Reach you guys?

well I sure don't, that was a lame ad campaign. I don't care enough about Earth's problems to care about a remote planet in a story arc that I have yet to play.

The main reason why I review it this late... I like to give games the longest time to sink in and give my judgement.Be on the lookout for Pac-Man the review, years and years of sinking in!

I hate freakin reviews from IGN and all those popular websites, they all give you the impression that this is the best game ever. Of course, if it wasn't for Gampespot's leak that they got paid by the game to advertise and have a score, I'd would be trusting those crappy websites full of ads and Chobots. Simply, I don't trust their scoring. Every single game that is new and is a blockbuster is rated above 7. It doesn't help me make a decision on buying the game.You gotta have balls to review games, and be brutal, YES! brutal. Not because it has nice graphics and "omg that looks amazing".

Onto Reach.

For starer's, if you are a Halo fanboy or fangirl, you are obliged to like Halo, you can't but not say good things about Reach. Yes fanpeople, you know what I mean, that feeling of the battle rifle, or DMR, the accuracy, the feeling where when you throw a nade, you know it's gonna stick that guy....only true Halo fans know what I'm talking about. That crack feeling of Halo, and I love it, no game has that feeling. When you go watch Red vs Blue you get that feeling too, where it puts you in that mode, remembering the maps, the corridors, etc.
I dig Halo's gameplay, nothing like it. It's solid, fast paced, and you can actually improve your skill.

The campaign:
Beautiful scenery, characters are ok, voice acting is lame (all of them have accents). I just didn't feel the connection to Noble. I liked the main character, he was silentish, and represented the player, Bungie always excelled at allowing the player to feel that he is the Spartan. So characters, meh, nice design and all, and you do feel sorry for them and such, towards the end do you actually feel all the connections develop. But that's with anything. If I was playing a story about a bottle of coke for 10 hours, I'd feel for it by then.
The Multiplayer:
So customizable, so full of action and you can improve your skill. But too many options can mean too much confusion, the veto/voting system is better, but I prefer a game where you select what map and gametype you want and you keep playing over and over till you decide to change, how many times do I have to play rocket firefight, they take all the kills. The Counter Strike model works better for this. Plus matchmaking takes so long. I'm not a fan of the STUPID Credit system. We go to games to escape our realities and the memory of money and its worry, WTH, and this is again where I feel the Halo component fails. Keep playing, get more credits and you can unlock this visor that goes on top of your helmet.Firefight: is pure awesomeness, and finally they made it into matchmaking, again I wish we can choose the waves (I know we can in custom, but I wanna play random pple, and not have to invite pple to my own game everytime).
Although there is much more to talk about, the addition of powers is great, and removing of dual wielding was a nice touch to remind us chief is the best (and I think they have to, as far as I'm concerned I didn't want to see any other spartan ever again, Master Chief is the only one and he's so badass).

Halo Reach excels in amazing environments, balanced gameplay and the highest replay value I have ever seen. If you are a Halo fan, and by fan I mean you are currently wearing Halo underwear / pyjamas, you must get Reach, but the story doesn't go further, just so that you won't feel left out when every one is good at the new game and you suck. So I rank Reach as a B on the BUD scale for the fans(B= buy it, U=useless or neutral, D= don't buy it) simple scale right?

For the non fans, I rank reach as a D. It's basically halo 3 done again with the same sound bites and aliens. As a non fan boy who is probably familiar with other games, this is not the game for you, campaign is not worth it, you're better off picking up Halo 3 if you want a good campaign. It's just an extension of the same thing, same enemies, same AI, same everything. Just different packaging. You don't need another Halo in your library, don't waste your money.


HALO REACH gets a D on the B.U.D scale
Do not buy, it doesn't live up to the hype, play Halo 3 and Halo Reach in sequence and it will feel like you are playing the same game.

The B.U.D scale:
B= Buy
U= Useless (Not recommended)
D= Do not buy

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