A letter to Bungie

Dear Bungie,

Please stop making Halo games, take a break , go somewhere hot, rethink your decisions. Here have a soft drink, it's on me.

Does the world really need another Halo game and an attempt at creating a universe very similar to Star Wars and such. Halo 1 was awesome, 2 was better, and 3 just nailed it. ODST was a nice touch. But Reach looks like you guys poured all your ideas into one big pot.
"Let's have more Spartans"
".. how about Jets, lots of Jets"
" take it to space"
" Make people care about the planet reach"

I am a dedicated Halo fan, and I love the entire Halo series, including reach , and it's not even out yet!

I just think that we may have passed the climax of the series, actually it was passed after Halo 1. Just give us a break, game after game after game. I know it's your business and all.
I played the beta. I enjoyed it, but it was just Halo 3 upgraded a bit.
You add nothing to the story, you keep focusing on previous stories, not Master Chief, and we know 100% there is another Halo game in the works, or some kind of Halo RPG Mario cross platformer, you will milk the hell out of it, if you already haven't.
Some franchises, which we cherish, have to respect the dedicated fans.
I think Reach will be good, and true to halo, but I have a feeling as Bungie's last efforts, u are trying too much.

Well I'm just ranting, I'll definitely buy Reach , but you guys better not screw up the halo franchise by making a crappy movie or some crappy game.

Bud out

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