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Mice, and Facebook

Mice stink!


what about my Mysapce?

I know that I had a championship. And both did not succeed. But things change, and Facebook evolved to uber status

Bud Reviews: Halo Reach (Xbox 360)

Remember Reach you guys?
well I sure don't, that was a lame ad campaign. I don't care enough about Earth's problems to care about a remote planet in a story arc that I have yet to play.
The main reason why I review it this late... I like to give games the longest time to sink in and give my judgement.Be on the lookout for Pac-Man the review, years and years of sinking in!
I hate freakin reviews from IGN and all those popular websites, they all give you the impression that this is the best game ever. Of course, if it wasn't for Gampespot's leak that they got paid by the game to advertise and have a score, I'd would be trusting those crappy websites full of ads and Chobots. Simply, I don't trust their scoring. Every single game that is new and is a blockbuster is rated above 7. It doesn't help me make a decision on buying the game.You gotta have balls to review games, and be brutal, YES! brutal. Not because it has nice graphics and "omg that looks…

Computers Senior Syndrome

For other uses, see CSS (disambiguation).

Computers Senior Syndrome (CSS) is a localized virus (a member of the ghetto virus family) that causes Acquired Annoying Customers Syndrome (AACS),[1][2] a condition in humans in which all comprehension and motor skills seem to be dropped at the entrance of an electronics store, leading to life-threatening angry customers. Infection with CSS occurs by the transfer of position from part time status to full time uber status.

A letter to Bungie

Dear Bungie,

Please stop making Halo games, take a break , go somewhere hot, rethink your decisions. Here have a soft drink, it's on me.

Does the world really need another Halo game and an attempt at creating a universe very similar to Star Wars and such. Halo 1 was awesome, 2 was better, and 3 just nailed it. ODST was a nice touch. But Reach looks like you guys poured all your ideas into one big pot.
"Let's have more Spartans"
".. how about Jets, lots of Jets"
" take it to space"
" Make people care about the planet reach"

I am a dedicated Halo fan, and I love the entire Halo series, including reach , and it's not even out yet!

I just think that we may have passed the climax of the series, actually it was passed after Halo 1. Just give us a break, game after game after game. I know it's your business and all.
I played the beta. I enjoyed it, but it was just Halo 3 upgraded a bit.
You add nothing to the story, you keep focusing on previo…

Halo reach Beta review

new weapons, same engine, same look, same feel as halo 3, not a gr8 improvement, very slow gameply. I like that it's more refined gameplay, you have to be more accurate, not too fond of the classes though.

They could do much better, but that was first impressions, I'll write more details or post a vid about it.



Got what I've been waiting 4

Hey all,

I finally got the item I needed to start vlogging and doing video reviews, wether on the BUD scale which needs to be explained or just my opinion on the stuff.

What would you like me to review first,

Forza 3
Samung Gravity 2
Huawei U7519

Bud out

The Debate you've been waiting for

I gotta enlighten you folks about an internal dilemma I've been having . And it is the MAC VS PC one .

This battle has grown since I got a macbook a while back and I ended up selling it.

I'm @ work right now so I'm gonna keep you guys in suspense.

Which is better MAC or PC? where does each lie on the bud scale?
Which PCs are we talking about here? Is it Windows vs Mac OSX?

All these questions will be updated in the next blog post

Bored again

Lol spoof bored this apoplectic predictive tecu can generate slot of stuff lol. Bet you can figure out what this is really saying evi
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How hour them soles

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ok finally things are starting to get in gear

so the house is such a mess
as i tweeted about my room, there is no space for my comp, and I'm the kind of guy that needs a proper desk to blog.

so you pple out there, how was your new years?