Waves of destiny forcing me away

well here it folks, the issue , the problem, the saga

kinda bored, so I'm just gonna post this
I am waiting for a call
some one who is interested in buying something of mine, I can't say what it is, till I sell it, so that i gain the bragging rights.

the guy hasn't called yet, and hopefully he will. but it's one of those things I've tried so hard to get , but i couldn't, no matter what i do, how much i reduce the price (to break even ) level.

I went door to freakin door, going thru stores about 1 km long. no luck.

so let's see how it turns out

if that guy buys it....wooohoo i'll b free.

if not, then i guess i'll stick with it, which i really love, but i love the chance of making money more...muhahahahaha

anyhow ttyl folks

Junior Mint out

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