Times a changing


Wow blogpress lite is impressive. I can post directly from here. Soo um about the last post. The item I was selling didn't get sold. I dunno y. But I changed my mind and I'm keeping it. It's my iPod touch, the one I'm blogging with. U c I got it free with my new MacBook white. Which I'm very comfortable with and adore. I also love the touch , but since I got it for free , so o thought y not sell it lowest price then I can make some money. After many attempts, zip, natta, If I'd got an offer now I'd refuse. I just love this thing . A human is able to change his/ her mind.

It has some quirks but it's just right for me. So is the MacBook

This is neat blogging from here . I guess this site became more of an online journal. No one reads . But Meh I don't care. I post for the fun of it . And the opportunity to improve my writing always keeps me goin.

Junior Mint out

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