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Hello World: Introduction and The BUD scale explained

Hello world,

My name is Bud Maloney.
Who's the guy in the pic? That's me too...well technically he's MacroBud. He likes to dig and explore. You can call him Bud too.
I post reviews, random thoughts, stories, and even picture series like (MacroBud).

There isn't much else to say, the blog title says it all
"A blog about gaming, movies, and all the cool stuff around the block."

My reviews will follow the following :

Bud's Industrial Review Scale

This is my scale for reviewing things, anything, be it games, computers, movies, books, etc...

This scale meets the ISO standard and has been widely used in the modern world today.

It's very simple.

A mark of B is given as the best direction possible, as in "Buy", this is the green light, if it's worth your money .

Stands for Useless, this rating is used to indicate if an item is "meh" and a neutral response, so it's up to you to choose. So if Bud rates U, then you should think twice about buying it and do more research.

Stands for DO NOT. and it means the lowest of the lowest. If Bud rates something D, it's horrible, disgusting, and you should stay away from it. Trust in Bud's judgment. Just don't buy it or invest any of your time in it.This is the Red light. This item is not worth your money or your time.

There is Pizza and beverages in the fridge. Help your self and enjoy your visit.

Bud Maloney

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