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sigh, i really wanna review this one product, but I have to wait till Sunday.

so till then I'll review something else i guess.

do any of you guys have review requests?

I'm still considering doing a video review , but again everything will be explained Sunday, with an Epic review.

so onto paper review of the.... I dunno?
how about Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen DVD
but i don't have it, so i cant review stuff I don't have, am I correct?

well how about I write something useful and makes sense for a change.

That's not gonna happen, I'll start making sense when i see some comments.
I haven't heard from a single soul other than Twitter
even the crazy youtubers didn't comment on my videos

Hello World: Introduction and The BUD scale explained

Hello world,
My name is Bud Maloney. Who's the guy in the pic? That's me too...well technically he's MacroBud. He likes to dig and explore. You can call him Bud too. I post reviews, random thoughts, stories, and even picture series like (MacroBud).
There isn't much else to say, the blog title says it all "A blog about gaming, movies, and all the cool stuff around the block."
My reviews will follow the following :
Bud's Industrial Review Scale
This is my scale for reviewing things, anything, be it games, computers, movies, books, etc...
This scale meets the ISO standard and has been widely used in the modern world today.
It's very simple.
B A mark of B is given as the best direction possible, as in "Buy", this is the green light, if it's worth your money .
U Stands for Useless, this rating is used to indicate if an item is "meh" and a neutral response, so it's up to you to choose. So if Bud rates U, then you should think twi…

Bud Reviews: Public Enemies

Just saw public enemies. Yeah it's a bit late. Great movie. The ending was ok. But I loved the setting, the time period. That was the feeling i was going for with the prequel for my story. Which is now defunct till I figure out what I wanna do. But it brought back a sense vigor, and some new energy with it. Mod or. No mod, it's the story that matters . So who knows .
Gets a B on the B.U.D scale

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Times a changing


Wow blogpress lite is impressive. I can post directly from here. Soo um about the last post. The item I was selling didn't get sold. I dunno y. But I changed my mind and I'm keeping it. It's my iPod touch, the one I'm blogging with. U c I got it free with my new MacBook white. Which I'm very comfortable with and adore. I also love the touch , but since I got it for free , so o thought y not sell it lowest price then I can make some money. After many attempts, zip, natta, If I'd got an offer now I'd refuse. I just love this thing . A human is able to change his/ her mind.

It has some quirks but it's just right for me. So is the MacBook

This is neat blogging from here . I guess this site became more of an online journal. No one reads . But Meh I don't care. I post for the fun of it . And the opportunity to improve my writing always keeps me goin.

Junior Mint out

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Waves of destiny forcing me away

well here it folks, the issue , the problem, the saga

kinda bored, so I'm just gonna post this
I am waiting for a call
some one who is interested in buying something of mine, I can't say what it is, till I sell it, so that i gain the bragging rights.

the guy hasn't called yet, and hopefully he will. but it's one of those things I've tried so hard to get , but i couldn't, no matter what i do, how much i reduce the price (to break even ) level.

I went door to freakin door, going thru stores about 1 km long. no luck.

so let's see how it turns out

if that guy buys it....wooohoo i'll b free.

if not, then i guess i'll stick with it, which i really love, but i love the chance of making money more...muhahahahaha

anyhow ttyl folks

Junior Mint out