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Hey there


k so now I got time

1. The results are in....yay

Division 1: Winner is Twitter
Division 2: Winner is Blogger
Division 3: Winner is Youtube
Division 4: a tie, between Deviantart and Moddb

I've been getting a lot of questions from pple asking me about the contest and what it is based on. Even though these pple are actually one person, who commented anonymously on one of the posts ( and it wasn't me, honest).

The answer to the basis of the competition was 

- convenience
- effectiveness
- reliability
- cost
- presentation
- User interface
- Most importantly the price of ice cream

some of u may say that this is a bogus competition. some.

but it has been decided, our faithful judges ruled the ruleres

what do these results mean?

As promised there will be one winner from all the winners of the divisions, this winner will be the primary source of information and content delivered from me. The remainder of the division winners will be updated afterwards and complement the top victor. so to better explain myself, I will reveal the winner

the winner is.. Blogger

as you can see from the picture above, (which makes no sense whatsoever)

Blogger will be the main source of info

Twitter will update news for blogger , Deviantart will update blogger, but moddb will update a blogger, twitter will update youtube, youtube will update blogger, mary jane will be not be saved by spirderman, Pepper will end up with bud cause ironman is a wuss. 

trust me, it doesn't make sense to me either. 

all you need to know is 
I will maintain the following accounts 
Bud on Blogger (being the main one should have the latest updates)
Bud on Twitter (my day to day shinanegens) 
Bud on Deviantart (where I will post some my art and stuff) Deleted updated Junne 2013
Bud on Youtube (where I will post my awesome vids)
Bud on Moddb (where I will post mod related stuff)


so Blogger will be the main hub, when in doubt head to my blogger page, the other stuff will follow.Latest tweets are already on here.Vids, pics, and other stuff I make will be linked or embedded here. So if you have to only bookmark one, then book this site you're on.

k now that I've needlessly blabbed on 

I will go to the updates

 Junior Mint out

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