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One shall stand, many shall fall.

Ok , we all know (Hopefully)
limited resources + Unlimited wants and needs = scarcity
so, there are tons of websites out there right? Social Networking sites mainly and what I like to call timewasters. So I'm going to hold a competition, only one winner from each division will win. Why things need to be absolute? because of the above formula(Scarcity). I can't spend my valuable time on all those websites. So to help me decide, I will do a competition. The likes you've never seen before. Websites will die here people. It's Serious.
The winner will be my new website to use and only that website for the most part.
The problem is, every other website has a blog format. They are all clones of each other. So why should I waste my time on many, when I can just waste it on one.
In Division 1 (social sites) we have Twitter Facebook Myspace Orkut Division 2 (Blogs)Blogger
Wordpress Livejournal
Drupal (My own domain blog)
Division 3 (Content)Youtube Dailymotion
Break Division 4 (Com…


well? not much has been going on really, just the stupid school thingy. 
I saw Watchmen though
it's a "nice" movie. Very bloody. i liked the setting though, 1980's. But honestly I'm sick of superhero movies. Even though Watchmen wasn't your typical superhero movie
I really don't have much to say on the blog today. 


Food for thought

Always Always Always Backup your stuff
so what happened? some of you may ask Why is my twitter filled with updates about backing up?
Well the answer, my internet browsing and clicking friends, is a story.
I was packing up my new notebook (which I bought about 2 months ago), in my backpack. When I was talking with a friend, I had the weight shifting. I recall zipping up properly. But something happened with my faulty bag. And down came crashing my new compadre. My homie. To the awe of the entire computer lab room. People jumped and twitched at the sound of shattering data. 
Fortunately the device remained entact, the battery was dismantled and the disk drive was ejected. It restarted fine, but as with all accidents, the damage comes after.
but that's it folks, I had a hard time backing up this device since it wouldn't let me, the mouse was acting very weird. It would lag up the entire screen. Something is amiss. A mystery to be solved. A microscopic diod waiting to fail. 
I f…

Bud's got a Twitter


So I finally made a twitter account
I gotta say...twitter is amazing, so simple I'm not advertising for it...k
so what's new? 
well nothing really, just chillin and dillin school..that is what's up busy busy busy

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