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Hey all

so this blog will be the main attraction for anything i do

Contrary to what my first post is saying, I will keep the reviews to a minimal and perhaps focus on the HL2 mod (Misplaced). I'm busy with school as most of you might know from my news post on moddb. But I will blog some of my shenanigans now and the.

I finally did have Junior Mints. They are very tasty, but so high on sugar. Have you ever had a chocolate called Aftereight? That is what Junior Mint tastes like.

But this is it basically, I decided to take my website down since it was wasting a lot of my time. I also figured that nobody was visiting it. And when people did visit it, the hosting I have would shut it down. 

I do realize that doing this would remove Project Isolate from the page rank. But page rank can go up again. Plus I wanted the website or projectisolate.com to represent its name properly as opposed to some blog with the occasional rant.

As I said my time spent for school is the largest reason for this. 

Disclaimer: I have many grammer and spelling mistakes. I do that often since I usually write in a hurry. 

Bud Maloney

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